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4 March 2022

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Join us in supporting the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and Amnesty UK's Urgent call to Action

Together we can help support those in need during this difficult time by:

The Co-operative Bank has had a long-standing commitment to supporting human rights and equality across the world and stands with the people of Ukraine at this time. In line with our commitment to co-operative values and ethics we condemn the Russian government’s assault on Ukraine and its people in the strongest possible terms and support the actions being taken by the international community against the Russian government and related entities in pursuit of a peaceful outcome to this conflict.

In line with the expectations of our customers, we have acted at pace to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We are donating £50,000 to Amnesty International UK, to support their efforts in upholding the human rights of refugees and opposing the acts of aggression employed by the Russian government, in both Ukraine and Russia. And, Our CEO Nick Slape has sent an open letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to echo Amnesty’s call on the UK government to intensify the response to support those who need to escape the war in Ukraine.

As the humanitarian crisis continues in Ukraine we’ve seen millions of people fleeing the country and many more displaced. People living in Ukraine are losing their homes and lives; families are being separated, essential services, like water and healthcare, are under threat. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal are on the frontline responding to existing and emerging humanitarian needs.

At Ukraine’s borders with Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, huge numbers of people are arriving with only what they can carry. In many places there are long waits to cross and scant facilities waiting for them on the other side, with temperatures dropping below freezing overnight. There have also been increasing media reports of racism against people of colour who are being refused access to relief, aid and the right to cross the border to safety. DEC charities are in Ukraine and neighbouring countries meeting the needs of all refugees and displaced people. Find out more about the appeal on the Disasters Emergency Committee DEC website.

We are supporting the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and we are asking our customers, suppliers and third parties to help us raise vital funds to provide basic supplies such as food, clothing and toiletries. Your donation, big or small will mean that people in desperate need can get the support that they need.

The Co-operative Bank is matching donations made by our customers, colleagues and suppliers up to the value of £100,000 to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and we’ll continue to work with our charity partners to provide support to those affected by the crisis.

Stay alert

Fraudsters are trying to take advantage of generous people looking to support this humanitarian crisis. Be aware of people impersonating charities through fake Just Giving pages, emails and social media posts. You can protect yourself by donating through trusted websites and search for webpages instead of donating through links in emails or social adverts.

Disasters Emergency Committee 2022. Registered Charity No. 1062638. Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No. 3356526.

Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales no. 1051681 and Scotland no. SC039534.

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