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Chief Executive Officer - Nick Slape

The Co-operative Bank and Coventry Building Society

An update from our Chief Executive Officer, Nick Slape

Following on from the agreement of non-binding heads of terms in April, we have today announced that Coventry Building Society and six of The Co-operative Bank Holdings’ major owners have signed a share purchase agreement under which the Society will acquire the entire issued share capital of the Bank. The acquisition is subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions and approval from both the PRA and FCA.

24 May 2024

3 min read


Software scams: how to protect yourself and your devices

Software scams typically involve criminals posing as representatives from trusted organisations, such as the police or your service provider, and ask you to download software onto one of your devices. This type of software is often referred to as RAT (Remote Access Technology).

19 April 2024

4 min read


Ways to save money on your energy bills

The rising costs of energy bills across the United Kingdom has affected most households, some in more ways than others. To help you start to reduce how much energy you are using and to contribute to reducing your carbon footprint to help protect the planet, we have pulled together some top tips you can try out in your home.

10 April 2024

6 min read

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