Report a lost or stolen card

Important phone numbers and next steps.

If your card has been lost or stolen, please call us immediately (lines are open 24 hours a day) on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

We’ll cancel your card immediately and issue a replacement.

Report fraud or query a payment

Query transactions quickly, report suspicious activity and protect yourself from fraud.

I suspect a fraudulent transaction, what should I do?

Call us immediately on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

We’ll go through the transaction details with you and if necessary, temporarily limit your access to the account while we investigate further.

How do I query a transaction on my account

Call us on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

To help us deal with your query quickly, please note down the amount, time and date of the transaction before calling.

How can I protect myself from credit card fraud?

Keep your cards safe, never write down your PIN in a way that could be understood by anyone else and only use your card with companies that you trust, especially when shopping online.

Visa Secure

The Visa Secure (previously known as Verified by Visa) scheme makes shopping online even more secure. It’s quick and easy to use and provides greater protection against the unauthorised use of your card for online purchases.

(!) Please ensure we have the up to date UK mobile number for you, and any additional cardholders as we may send you a one-time passcode to verify your identity when making an online purchase. Find out how Visa Secure can help you shop more securely.

Problems using your card

Get help and troubleshooting tips for faulty, blocked or declined cards.

If you're trying to make an online payment and you're having difficulties with the Visa Secure screen you may need to register or update your details. Find out more

Please be aware that you might not be able to complete a transaction if there are payment system problems, mistakes made by the retailer, or physical damage to the card.

If your card is declined or rejected during a transaction, this may be due to fraud prevention or because you don’t have enough available credit to complete a transaction.

We do everything we can to keep you and your money safe. We use advanced technology and specially developed fraud detection systems to spot unusual activity on your account. On occasion, if we spot something suspicious, we’ll prevent the transaction from being authorised and contact you to check that it’s genuine. We appreciate that this can be inconvenient if it happens, however keeping your money safe is extremely important to us. A common reason for a payment being declined relates to incorrect details being used. Always ensure that correct details are used to make the transaction such as correct card number, expiry date and CVV code (the last 3 digits on the signature strip), and where necessary, the correct Visa Secure password and one-time passcode.

Entering your PIN incorrectly will also prevent your card from working properly. If you forget your PIN or experience problems using your credit card, call us on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

Applying for a credit card

We aim to make applying for a credit card as straightforward as possible. It takes just 10 minutes to apply.

To be eligible for a Co-operative Bank credit card, you must be over 18, a UK resident, have an income of £10,000 or more, and other criteria may apply for each type of credit card.

We’ll perform a credit check which will remain visible on your credit file, so it’s important you consider how this might affect you and how you can prepare before applying.

Learn more about applying for a credit card

Paying your credit card

You can make payments to your credit card in a number of ways. Find an option that suits you.

You’ll get a statement every month detailing your available balance, the minimum payment due and the date you need to pay it.

If you only pay the minimum balance each month, it’ll take longer and cost more to clear your debt. Paying back more than the minimum, without over-stretching yourself financially, means you’ll clear your balance quicker and pay back less interest.

If you pay off your balance in full every month, you won’t pay any interest, but will still enjoy the convenience and safety of using a Co-operative Bank credit card.

Read about how to pay your credit card

Managing your credit card limit

Get the most out of your credit card and keep on top of your spending by taking a look at our tips and advice.

Using a credit card can be a convenient way to manage your finances, but responsible spending is key. Knowing your credit limit, paying your bill on time and understanding how our fees work can help you get the most from your Co-operative Bank credit card.

See our charges and fees

You can request to increase or decrease your credit limit online, provided you’re registered for online banking, by post or by phone, by calling us on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

Update your details

Change your personal details and address online, by post or by phone.

Updating your personal details


If you are a personal banking customer, you can change your address and contact details in online banking.

Simply visit 'My details' where you can change your personal details and address. You'll need to enter your password and a verification code we will send to you by text message or email. When changing your contact details, we will send a verification code to the mobile number or email address we currently have for you, not your updated details. It's important that you never tell anyone your verification code.

Mobile app

You can also update your phone number and email address using our mobile app. To do this:

  1. Log in, and tap 'More' in the bottom right corner while you're on the main accounts screen
  2. Tap 'My settings and details'
  3. Tap 'Personal details'
  4. Tap 'Edit' on the information you'd like to update
  5. Once updated, tap 'Save'.

We'll ask you to verify the change by using your fingerprint, passnumber, or facial recognition.


You can update your personal details over the phone on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

In branch

Pop into any branch with your credit card and we’ll update your details for you immediately. You’ll need to know your PIN in order to make the changes.


To update your personal details for your bank accounts or insurance policy, simply send a letter with your old details and your new details - along with your account number or policy details.

Please write to:

The Co-operative Bank
PO Box 4931

Once we receive your change of details, we will update your information and send confirmation back to you along with any supporting evidence you have provided, typically within 7-10 business days.

Change your Direct Debit payments

You can view your Direct Debit payments by logging in to Online Banking.

Click 'Scheduled payments' and you'll see a list of your Direct Debits.

You will then have the option to cancel any Direct Debits. If you delete before 7pm, on the business day before the payment is due to leave your account, it will be stopped.

Get a replacement card

If your card is damaged or faulty, you can order a replacement card by logging in to Online Banking or by calling us.


Select the account you want a replacement card on, click 'Manage card' then 'Order replacement card' and follow the on-screen instructions.


If you need to order a replacement card over the phone, please call us on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

Using your credit card abroad

Find out how to use your credit card on holiday.

Using your credit card abroad can be a convenient and safe alternative to carrying cash or using your debit card.

If you’re travelling to countries outside the EU or Turkey and plan to use your card, please call us on 0345 600 6000 before you travel. This will help reduce the number of security checks on your card. Call charges

Please note, there is a currency conversion charge of 2.75% for using your Credit Card abroad, and an additional 3% charge (minimum £3 per transaction) for withdrawing cash. There is no interest free period for cash withdrawals, so in addition you will also be charged 27.9% interest per annum.

Use our travel guide to learn more about using your credit card abroad.

Request an additional credit card holder

Find out how adding a cardholder could simplify your household finances.

You can request an additional cardholder by logging into Online Banking and clicking on your credit card Account summary.

After that, click 'Manage account' then 'Add additional cardholder' and fill in the form. If successful, the additional cardholder will receive their credit card within 3-5 business days.

The additional cardholder must be over 18 years old and a UK resident. As the main cardholder, you will be responsible for any spending made by additional cardholders.

Close or cancel a credit card account

Find out what you need to do to close or cancel existing credit cards.

If you wish to close your account with us, please call us on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

Your rights as a credit card customer

Discover how a credit card protects your consumer rights.

If you have paid between £100 and £30,000 for goods or services using your credit card, then you have legal rights to protect you if those goods or services are not delivered.

What should I do if I’ve not received goods or services that I ordered?

If you have paid for something with your Co-operative Bank credit or debit card and you’re not happy with the purchase, we’re here to help you understand how to try to get your money back. For example if:

  • You didn’t or won’t receive the goods or service at all
  • The goods or service were not as described, faulty or counterfeit
  • You asked for but didn’t receive a refund for the goods or service.

You can read more about how to dispute a payment and request a chargeback.

How do I make a claim under Section 75 of The Consumer Credit Act 1974?

Section 75 of The Consumer Credit Act 1974 gives credit card customers legal rights if they’ve paid for goods or services using their credit card. It applies when the total price of the goods or services is between £100 and £30,000 and all or part of the purchase price was made using a credit card. Please note, debit cards are not covered under Section 75 of The Consumer Credit Act 1974.

If you have purchased something using your credit card, the credit card issuer and the merchant may be equally liable if there is a breach of contract or misrepresentation by the merchant against you.

We will need to show that the company has not complied with their legal obligations or has misled you. For all cases we will need the following documentation:

  • A covering letter detailing the exact nature of your claim and what you have done so far to resolve it directly with the company
  • A copy of your invoice, contract and terms and conditions, if available
  • A copy of any additional payments made to the company that are not on your credit card
  • Any further supporting evidence, for example, a liquidation notice, copies of warranties.

We recommend that you only send in photocopies of receipts and invoices.

Contact Us

By phone:

Call us on 0345 600 6000, or +44 345 600 6000 if calling from outside the UK.

Call charges

By post:

Section 75 Department
Fraud Operations
PO Box 300

By fax: 01695 556928

Credit Card Plus

Documentation for existing Credit Card Plus customers.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Download Worldwide Travel Insurance PDF

Mobile Phone Insurance

Download Mobile Phone Insurance PDF

Additional credit card help

What charity-linked related products do you provide?

Whilst we regret that the Co-operative Bank will no longer be providing our charity credit cards, thanks to our customers we have been able to donate over £14.4 million to our eight selected charities since our charity credit cards launched.

I was an overseas resident but now live in the UK. Can I apply for a credit card?

Yes, if you meet our eligibility criteria. We may need two proofs of your current UK address and copies of your last three months' worth of bank statements. This is as well as any ID requirements necessary.

Which of your Co-operative Bank credit cards offer cashback?

Cashback is available on our Co-operative Bank Members Credit Card and is paid as part of the Co-operative Members Scheme.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for all charges/fees that apply to this product.

I'm an overseas resident. Can I open a credit card account?

Unfortunately, our credit cards are only available to UK residents.

Can I transfer my balance from an existing credit card?

You can transfer a balance from another credit card or store card which you hold with other lenders at any time, provided the account is in your name and you have a sufficient credit limit. You cannot transfer a balance from another Co-operative Bank or smile credit card.

Visit our balance transfer credit card section for more information, including interest rates and fees.

Can I use my Co-operative Bank credit card to withdraw cash?

Yes you can, however, there will be a charge for the withdrawal of any cash from your Co-operative Bank credit card.

What happens if I exceed my credit card limit?

You will be charged if you exceed your credit limit. If you don't bring your balance back within your credit limit we may block your card.

What is my credit limit?

This is the total agreed amount of credit available on your credit card. It does not necessarily reflect the amount you have available to spend.

What happens if I miss payments to my Co-operative Bank credit card?

If you miss your monthly payments, or exceed your credit limit, we will not penalise you by removing any promotional offers that apply to your credit card, such as 0% interest on balance transfers. You may, however, incur a default fee. It is important that you make your monthly payments on time as missing payments may have severe consequences.

What is an additional credit cardholder?

This is someone you share your credit card with. Both of you have a card and you share the credit limit.

However, unlike with joint current accounts, where both account holders are liable, the primary credit cardholder is solely responsible for the debt. So as the main cardholder, you will be responsible for any spending made by additional cardholders.

You'll need the permission of the additional cardholder to complete an application.

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