Switching your existing mortgage deal

If your mortgage product is coming to the end of its deal period or you’re currently on our Standard Variable Rate, we have a range of new products for you to choose from.

Before you switch

Thinking about switching mortgage product with The Co-operative Bank?

Switching your mortgage product with The Co-operative Bank could mean getting a better rate and saving money. If your existing mortgage product has ended or is ending soon, you can apply to switch to a new product.

For switches where only the mortgage product is being changed, you can expect:

Are you eligible to switch?

You can switch your mortgage with us if:

  • You’re a current Co-operative Bank or Britannia mortgage customer
  • Your mortgage isn’t in arrears and you’ve not missed any mortgage payment in the last 12 months
  • You don’t have a shared ownership or shared equity mortgage
  • Your property isn't currently let (unless you are serving abroad in the Armed Forces)
  • You have a minimum outstanding balance of £5,000
  • Your loan to value is up to 100% or above. If you apply online, our products are only available up to 90% loan to value so if your loan to value is higher than 90% you will need to call us to complete your product switch.

For example, if your property is currently valued at £200,000 and you still have £190,000 left to pay on your mortgage, your loan to value is 95%. This means you’d have to call to us in order to switch.

Services available when switching

There are two services available when switching your product: Information Only and Advice.

Information Only

This option is suited to those who already know which product they are looking for (also known as Execution Only).

  • We will give you information about the range of products we have available, and you will decide on the one that is appropriate for your circumstances.
  • We will not provide advice and will not be responsible for assessing whether the product is suitable to meet your needs.
  • This service is available through our online product switching service and over the phone.


This option is suited to those that are unsure about which product is best for them.

  • We will review your circumstances and provide a recommendation based on your needs.
  • As we are providing advice, we are responsible for ensuring the product is suitable for your needs.
  • This service is only available over the phone.

Regardless of which service you use:

  • You’ll receive full details in the post about your new mortgage product and new monthly payment — once you receive these details, you’ll need to review, sign, and return any documents before we can complete your mortgage product switch
  • Our range of products available will be the same
  • You’ll need to have your mortgage account number to hand.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage

The Co-operative Bank reserves the right to change or withdraw any of its mortgage deals at any time. All loans are subject to status and valuation.

Ways to switch

There are a few different ways you can apply to switch your mortgage deal.

Switch your deal online

If you only need information about our mortgage deals and don’t require advice, then you might benefit from switching your deal online. But please note, our online product switching service isn’t available to everyone.

For example, you can’t apply to switch online if:

  • You have missed any mortgage payments in the last 12 months
  • You have 12 months or less left on your mortgage
  • You want to borrow more or change your mortgage term
  • You have a shared ownership or home equity mortgage
  • You have an early repayment charge that does not expire within the next 4 months
  • The fixed term you’d like is longer than your remaining mortgage term
  • You want to add or remove an account holder to or from the mortgage
  • You want to change the repayment method eg. from interest only to capital and interest
  • You want to switch more than 3 accounts associated with your mortgage (referred to as sub accounts)
  • You owe less than £5,000 on your mortgage
  • You have an interest-only mortgage, and you do not have a repayment plan in place to repay the balance at the end of your mortgage.

Things to know before you switch

Before you begin your mortgage product switch online, you should know:

  • The details of the product you’re looking to apply for and be comfortable to choose your own mortgage product without our advice. You will be able to view available products within the online journey.
  • How you will pay if you choose a mortgage product with a fee — for example, this could be upfront or added to the loan. If you choose to add the fee to the loan, you will pay interest on this fee over the full term of your mortgage.
  • You are entitled to request more than one illustration on any of our products that you qualify for. If you do require more than one illustration, please call us on 08000 288 288 to discuss your options before completing your application online. Call charges

Alternatively, view our rates before you switch

If you want to view all of the mortgage products available to you and see how much your monthly repayments might be, view our mortgage rates first.

There are no affordability checks at this stage and we will not ask for any personal details. This is just for illustrative purposes.

Apply to switch by telephone

If you’d prefer not to apply online, are not eligible to apply online, or would like to receive mortgage advice, you can apply to switch by telephone. Should you want advice, you will need:

  • Access to details of your income, including your most recent payslip
  • Your latest bank statement, including full details of your outgoings
  • Details of all loans and credit cards.

Call us today on 08000 288 288 to discuss your options and arrange a telephone appointment — this shouldn't take too long. Call charges

Important information

These important documents lay out our responsibilities to you and the terms and conditions of our products and services.

Mortgages legal information

PDF documents

Tariff of charges (PDF)

General information for regulated mortgages (PDF)

How we use your personal information (PDF)

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