What we do for the planet

We’ve remained committed to tackling the climate crisis over the past 30 years — and we’re not stopping any time soon.

Our commitment to the planet

Protecting the environment has always been a cornerstone of our Ethical Policy. This is why we will work to combat climate change and reverse the decline in biodiversity, taking responsibility for our own environmental impact.

It’s also why we’ve had an unwavering commitment to not providing banking services to businesses involved in fossil fuel extraction since 1998.

What we will do

In line with our Ethical Policy, we will:

  • Work to limit and reduce global climate change
  • Take steps to halt and reverse the decline in biodiversity
  • Help to protect animal welfare
  • Encourage our customers to make sustainable choices
  • Work with our business customers to help them develop their sustainability policies and action plans.

What we won't do

Determined through our ethical screening process, we will not provide banking services to any business or organisation:

  • Whose activity contributes to global climate change such as through the extraction of fossil fuels and the unsustainable harvest of natural resources
  • That infringes animal welfare standards; for example, if they are involved in intensive farming or activities that contribute to the degradation of important habitats.

We're committed

To becoming a lifetime carbon neutral bank. This means that we’ll calculate and offset our historic carbon emissions since 1872, and be one of the first businesses in the UK to do so.

We will campaign

For emissions reductions and the preservation and restoration of ecosystems, to halt and reverse the decline in biodiversity.

What we're currently doing

We're working together with Friends of the Earth to bring back nature

Friends of the Earth and The Co-operative Bank are working together to bring back nature by helping to restore greenery and wildlife in over one thousand nature-deprived spaces across the country. The UK is now one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, with devastating impacts for people and the environment. We’ve joined forces through a multi-year partnership which will address nature deprivation in communities through the Postcode Gardener programme.

Postcode Gardeners are professional gardeners who can guide, organise and support local people to connect with each other and work together to help nature to flourish in their local area. Over the coming years, our Postcode Gardeners will transform over one thousand green spaces for the benefit of nature and local communities across the country.

Find out more about our partnership with Friends of the Earth

Find out more about the Postcode Gardener programme

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We’ve joined Bank.Green’s Fossil Free Banking Alliance

As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting the planet, we’re proud to be the first UK high street bank to have joined Bank.Green’s Fossil Free Banking Alliance. As part of this alliance, we join other banking industry leaders who have pledged against the financing of the production or extraction of fossil fuels. Continuing to operate with an unwavering dedication to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

Check our fossil-free status on Bank.Green

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Taking action for our planet

We’re proud to be an ambassador for Zero Hour, the campaign for the Climate and Nature Bill, who are standing up for nature.

This Bill would provide bold legislation that addresses the full extent of the climate and nature crisis, and has been drafted by scientists, legal experts, ecological economists, and environmentalists. It will require the government to take responsibility for the UK’s carbon and ecological footprints, cut greenhouse gas emissions and halt and reverse biodiversity and nature loss by 2030.

We’re taking action, and we’re encouraging our customers to do the same.

Find out more about Zero Hour

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Managing our own environmental impact

Because our customers are passionate about protecting the environment, promoting sustainable development is at the heart of our workplace culture.

This is why we:

  • Report on our carbon footprint
  • Continue to reduce our energy usage
  • Aim to maintain our ‘zero waste to landfill’ goals
  • Limit business travel as much as possible.

Learn more about how we manage our impact


We were created to give people a fairer deal — guided by our unique, customer-led Ethical Policy, we’ll always take action on the issues that matter most to our customers.


In line with our co-operative values, we demand a fairer society. This is why we will continue to support the co-operative movement, and help small businesses to thrive.

Our values and ethics

Since 1872 we’ve been committed to our co-operative values and ethics, which are still fundamental to who we are today.

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