Faster Payments

A Faster Payment is a payment you can make from your Co-operative Bank account to other UK bank accounts. This type of payment should reach payees almost immediately.

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Direct Debits

A Direct Debit is an easy and convenient way for you to pay bills.

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Standing orders

A standing order is a regular, fixed-amount payment from your account to another UK bank account.

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Future one-off payments with a reference

This is a type of payment scheduled for a later date, where you’ve also included a reference.

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CHAPS payment

CHAPS is a method of making same-day payments to another UK bank account.

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Depositing cash

Pay cash into your account at your nearest branch or Post Office®.

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Money transfer

Money transfers are a quick way of transferring money between your accounts, or to another UK bank account.

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Question a transaction

Read about what to do if you disagree with a payment on your account – whether it's fraudulent or genuine.

Get help with a transaction

Remove a payee

Find out how to remove a payee in online banking and the mobile app.

How to remove a payee


A cheque is a written document that instructs your bank to pay another person or business.

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International payments

An international payment is a payment made to an individual or company outside the UK.

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