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Managing your money

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Bank accounts

What types of bank account are there?

From current accounts to packaged bank accounts with extras such as phone or travel insurance, find out which bank account could help you to get the most out of your money.

Read about the types of bank account

What is a current account?

Want to know about the benefits of a current account? Find out everything you need to know about opening a bank account here.

Read about what a current account is

Can I get a bank account with little or poor credit history?

This guide explains how your credit history can have an impact on the bank accounts available to you, how you can prepare to open a bank account and how you can manage a bank account to improve your credit rating.

Read about credit history and bank accounts

What is a joint bank account?

This guide explains how joint bank accounts work and how they can make paying for joint bills much easier and save you the task of transferring money between accounts.

Read about joint bank accounts

What is a packaged bank account?

Unlike many standard current accounts, packaged bank accounts often come with a monthly fee. Read this guide to learn more about the benefits, the costs and what to consider before applying.

Read about packaged bank accounts

How much will I be charged to use an overdraft on my Co-operative Bank current account?

Use this calculator to see how much you’ll be charged when using an overdraft.

Calculate your overdraft cost

How to open a bank account

Read our guide to learn what you need to open a new bank account. We also look at the benefits of bank accounts, how long it may take to open one and how switching bank accounts work.

Read our guide on how to open a bank account

All about bank accounts with travel insurance

Some bank accounts come with features and extras such as travel insurance. Read this guide to learn how they work, what to look out for and what a pre-existing condition is.

Read our guide on bank accounts with travel insurance

Bank accounts for 16 and 17 year olds

If you’re new to banking, a bank account will provide somewhere safe and practical to get wages paid into. Read our guide to learn about bank accounts for 16 and 17 year olds and what you need to open one.

Read about bank accounts for 16 year olds

Current accounts for couples, students, travellers and poor credit history

Read our guide to learn more about our current accounts for couples, students, holidaymakers and poor credit history, and the different features they offer.

Read about our best current accounts here

What is a debit card?

Read our guide to debit cards and learn how they work, how they are different to credit cards and how to setup contactless payments.

Read about debit cards here

Can I have more than one current account?

If you’re considering having more than one current account, then this guide is a good place to start. Learn about potential benefits, drawbacks and what to look out for when opening new current accounts here.

Read about multiple current accounts

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Credit cards

How does a credit card work?

Read this guide to learn more about credit cards, how they work and what to look out for.

Read our guide on credit cards

What types of credit card are there?

This guide explains different types of credit cards that are typically available and which credit card (if any) may best suit your needs.

Read our guide on credit cards

How can I improve my credit score?

This guide explains what a credit score is, how to check yours and how to improve it.

Read about how to improve your credit score

What is a balance transfer?

Our guide explains how to transfer all of your outstanding debt from an existing credit card to another credit card.

Read our guide on balance transfers

Credit card repayment calculator

Use this calculator from MoneyHelper to see how much a credit card will cost you or how quickly you can pay off your existing cards.

Calculate your credit card payments

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What is a cash ISA?

A cash ISA is a type of savings account that allows you to earn tax-free interest on the money you save.

Read about cash ISAs

What is a regular savings account?

Regular savings accounts allow you to build up your savings whilst earning higher interest rates.

Read about regular savers

What is a fixed rate bond?

This guide explains what a fixed rate bond is and how it differs from others savings accounts.

Read about fixed rate bonds

How can I pay into a Co-operative Bank savings account?

Find out how to pay money into your savings account.

Read about paying into a savings account

How to save money

Tips on the best ways to save money fast on debt, at the supermarket, online and more.

Read about how to save money


What types of mortgage are there?

This guide explains the main types of mortgages on offer, how they work and their pros and cons.

Read about the types of mortgage

What’s involved in buying a home?

Our guide to buying a home, what happens when and how to ensure a smooth process.

Read our guide to buying a house

What costs are there when buying a home?

Make sure you're aware of the different costs of buying a home to help you budget and save up enough.

Read about the costs of buying a home

What do I need to know as a first time buyer?

We have experience helping people to buy their first home and we’re ready to support you all the way.

Read our guide for first time buyers

What schemes are available for first time buyers?

This guide explains some of the mortgage products and homeownership schemes that are worth considering if you’re a first time buyer.

Read about the schemes available for first time buyers

Mortgage calculators

We have a range of useful calculators and guides to help you manage your mortgage, whether you’re moving home or looking for a better deal.

Use our mortgage calculators

How does a 95% mortgage work?

Find out how low-deposit mortgages, such as 95% mortgages work and whether it could be right for you.

Find out how 95% mortgages work

See all our mortgages guides


How can I estimate the value of my home contents?

Find out more about content insurance, policies and what the average house contents is worth.

Estimate the value of your home contents

Managing your money

What do I need to do when travelling abroad?

This guide will explain what to think about when planning and booking a trip abroad and what to do while you’re away.

Read our guide to travelling abroad

How can I save money on my energy bills?

We created this tool with the Energy Saving Trust (EST) so you can create a personalised Energy Saving Improvement Plan. You could save on your energy costs in the longer term by updating and renovating your property, making it more energy efficient.

Use the energy-saving home improvement tool

The 50/30/20 rule

The 50/30/20 rule is a percentage-based budgeting method that can help you manage your monthly income, and make saving money easier.

Learn how to use the 50/30/20 rule

How can I make the most of student life?

We have tips and advice for cooking and budgeting at university.

Watch our video tips on student life

Help and information from other organisations

You can get further financial information and advice from:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau - free, independent and confidential advice on money matters
  • StepChange (consumer credit counselling services) - expert advice and fee-free debt management
  • MoneyHelper - free, unbiased and independent advice on money management
  • Financial Ombudsman Service - an independent service, settling disputes between customers and financial service providers
  • GOV.UK - information on government services
  • Action Fraud - the central point of contact for information on fraud and internet crime

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