Investment Scams - Avoid falling into a trap

Investing in stocks, bonds and shares or any other commodity can be a successful way of making money, but it can also lead you into losing your entire life savings, especially if it’s a scam.

23 September 2021

3 min read

Impersonation Scams - Pretending to be the police or your bank

Criminals will contact you pretending to be the Police, your Bank, or a representative from another genuine organisation, they will ask you to move your money to a safe account. Stop! This is a scam.

20 September 2021

3 min read

Holiday Scams - Don't get taken for a ride

Criminals will stop at nothing to trick us into handing over our money and information, from fake caravan and motorhome listings to deals “too good to be true” for holidays, villa rentals and holiday lets. Remain vigilant when booking your next get-away.

15 September 2021

3 min read

People working at the Leeds Bread Co-op

Fresh thinking from The Hive

The Hive is a programme of support for new and existing co‑operatives. Created by Co-operatives UK, in partnership with The Co-operative Bank, it's for people wanting to start a co‑operative or an existing organisation looking to strengthen or grow.

10 September 2021

3 min read

Post Brexit transition – Information for customers

Here we detail the latest information for customers and answers to frequently asked questions following the end of the Brexit transition period.

1 May 2021

10 min read

How to add value to your home

A home is many things all at once. It’s a place where we eat, sleep, work and play. A place where we spend time with our loved ones. A place of comfort and security. From a financial perspective, a home is also the most important asset many of us will own. That’s why boosting the value of your home can make such a difference to your future plans.

29 April 2021

6 min read