Protect your account from fraud against new scam

1 February 2022

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Woman calling The Co-operative Bank

The scam explained

Criminals are finding ways to get your debit or credit card number to make fraudulent transactions. If we suspect that your card is being used for this, we will send you a text message to your registered mobile so you can confirm if it’s you making the purchase.

To get around this security, fraudsters are pretending to be from The Co-operative Bank’s fraud team and calling customers they are targeting to steal from.

They encourage you to either:

  • Confirm all, or part, of the telephone number that sent your security text message
  • Ignore what the text says and simply reply ‘Yes’ to it.

They’ll also call you from a ‘spoof’ number that is the same as the bank’s, or a very similar one to make you feel it is more real.

Do not act on any of these request, this is a scam.

What to do if this happens to you

We will never call you and ask you to tell us what telephone number you have received the text message from. Neither will we tell you how to respond to the message.

If you receive a security text message from us, please read it carefully and follow the instructions.

If it wasn’t you who physically made that payment for the amount and to the company quoted in the text, your card may have been compromised. It is important that you respond ‘No’ if you did not physically make that payment.

If you have been contacted and are unsure of who you are dealing with, don’t panic. Simply end the call, and then call us using the telephone number quoted on the back of your bank card or by using the telephone number quoted on our website.

Read more on fraud advice.

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