The Co-operative Bank's 'Digital Bees' offer free digital drop-in help session

9 January 2020

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  • The Digital Bees will be on-hand from midday on Thursday 30th January in Manchester Central Library.
  • The event is completely free and everyone’s welcome. You can register your interest here: Event

This is the second event held by The Co-operative Bank’s Digital Bees, a group of colleagues who have a goal to build co-operative relationships across Manchester that break new ground. As technology and digital advances are gathering pace and having more impact and involvement in people’s day to day lives, The Digital Bees have the ambition to strengthen the Bank’s digital connections, host free meet-ups and events, while also supporting local communities.

A big part of their work is to help address the skills and gender gap in Digital and IT careers, by supporting, mentoring and involving young people across the North West.

This latest event from The Digital Bees is aimed at helping the public become more digitally active, provide information on how to stay safe online and give people confidence to use the internet. The sort of tasks that people could he supported and helped with during the digital drop-in help session include but aren’t limited to;

  • Buying and shopping securely online
  • Finding things to do locally, like trips or events

  • Setting up your email

  • Learning how to use your new smart watch or tablet

  • Staying safe when using the internet

  • Setting up your online banking

Zoe Lawrie, Digital Bee and Engagement Lead at The Co-operative Bank said of the event:

“We live in a very digital world and it can be overwhelming and confusing. Some people have had to adapt to this change whereas others have embraced it and really ran with it.

Our Digital Bees drop-in event is open to anyone who wants to learn more about how 'going digital' can help with day to day activities, not to mention important issues like staying safe and secure online.

Often, all it takes is a conversation and a quick demo - there'll be a warm welcome waiting for anyone who wants to join us at the event and we’re really happy to talk to anyone who wants to understand more about our digital world and embrace the opportunities that it brings."

For more information and to register your interest please visit: Event page

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