How we recycle your old card readers

6 March 2020

2 min read

Thank you to all our customers who have taken the time to send us your old card readers. So far, over 85,000 devices have been returned to us for recycling and we’re delighted to report that we’ve now started this process as part of our commitment to send zero waste to landfill by the end of 2020.

Working with our waste management partners, Reconomy, we identified a recycling facility that was able to break down your old card readers, extract the things that can be used again and make sure no parts are sent to landfill. The team at CCL in Irvine, Scotland shared with us the process they’ve put in place.

  1. Firstly, any external packaging is removed and recycled, including cardboard.
  2. Then, the batteries get taken out of each card reader device. These get sent to a specialist recycling plant, which is also able to recover various metals from the batteries.
  3. The card readers are then fed through an industrial shredder, which breaks them down into small pieces.
  4. These shredded pieces then go to a refiner, which recovers precious metals including iron, cobalt, manganese, nickel, copper and aluminium.
  5. Any plastic that can’t be recycled is used as fuel for the refiner that recovers the precious metals.

It’s through this careful process that we can ensure no part of your old card reader device ends up in landfill, where it could take up to 1,000 years to decompose. What’s even better is that the team at CCL work hard to reduce their own carbon footprint and support a diverse workforce, including recruiting employees from long term unemployment and disadvantaged backgrounds.

We’re committed to reducing the waste we produce, and to managing our environmental impact through sustainable banking. You can read more about our efforts to tackle climate change and reduce waste here.

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