Changing your bank to us means changing a lot more

7 November 2023

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Our customers guide how we act, which means they decide which causes we support, and who we do and don’t provide banking services to.

Your money has power— so deciding who to bank with is an important decision.

In Britain, 70% of people don’t know what their bank invests their money in. Meaning you could be funding oppressive regimes, unethical labour practices, or investing in fossil fuels, without even knowing. But not with us.

Research was carried out by Opinium surveying 2,000 UK adults between 20 and 24 May 2022.

How we’re different from other banks

It’s our values and ethics that really sets us apart. And it always has been, since 1872.

With a unique customer-led Ethical Policy, created in 1992, we give you a say in how your money is used and the opportunity to stand up for the causes that matter to you. Because unlike a lot of banks, we understand the power your money has in making a positive difference to the planet, its people, and our communities.

That’s why we’re working with Shelter to demand fairer rights for renters, why we won’t do business with organisations that fail to implement basic human rights, and why we haven’t financed the production or extraction of fossil fuels for over 25 years.

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Check the impact your bank is having on the world around you

With so many banks to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to find out everything you want to know before opening a bank account, applying for a mortgage, or taking out a loan, for example.

That’s why at Bank.Green, they offer a clear, easy-to-use tool to quickly check how ethical your bank is, through the unethical and environmentally-harmful activities they invest in. Empowering you to make the best banking decisions, with as much knowledge as possible.

Check my bank on Bank.Green

Bank.Green is an independent website. Find out more about Bank.Green and how they were founded.

Join a bank that’s shaped by its people

For over 150 years we’ve been committed to co-operative values and ethics. It’s these values, alongside the voices of our customers and colleagues, which empower us to stand up for what’s right and underpin how we operate as a business.

In the three pillars of our Ethical Policy:

we outline what we’re committed to doing, what we won’t do and what change we’re fighting for. So you know exactly where your money is (and isn’t) going.

The change you want to see starts by changing your bank.

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Over 2 million customers and counting - here’s what they have to say

"I've been banking with the Co-op for over 10yrs now. The staff have always been very helpful, and the app is great. It's also the only bank where you don't have to worry where your money is being invested."

We're a Which? Eco Provider

Here at The Co-operative Bank we set high ethical standards in the services we provide and the businesses we finance. Excluding businesses which support the extraction or production of fossil fuels and conduct unethical labour practices. So you know exactly where your money is (and isn’t) going.

The Co-operative Bank: Which? Eco Provider, Current Accounts, October 2023

Join the original ethical bank

By choosing us, you’re choosing to withdraw your money from being invested in the production and extraction of fossil fuels, oppressive regimes, unethical labour practices, and so much more.

We’re the bank you can hold to account. We’re The Co-operative Bank.

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