Devastating earthquakes have killed thousands of people in Turkey and Syria. People need help now

15 February 2023

2 min read

On 6 February 2023, an earthquake struck south-east Turkey and north-west Syria, with a second earthquake striking a few hours later, killing thousands of people.

There are now a reported 17 million people estimated to be exposed to the effects of these earthquakes. Turkey has declared a state of emergency and Syria was already in crisis after 13 years of war, an ongoing cholera outbreak, and harsh winter conditions. Both countries have appealed for urgent international assistance.

DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) members are already in both Turkey and Syria providing medical treatment, shelter, winter kits with warm clothes and blankets, food, and clean water. But they urgently need more funds to continue helping those effected.

Here at The Co-operative Bank, we are supporting the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal by making a £20,000 donation, as well as trying to help raise funds for this critical appeal through our Enthuse page.

So please, if you can, donate now.

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