Can I order a statement or copy statement?

A paper statement will be produced once 25 transactions have occurred or a debit has left your account, regardless of the frequency you may have selected to receive these. This may mean you receive more or less paper statements than you were anticipating.

If you need a copy of your paper statement, you can request this by sending a service request in your online banking. A fee may apply for this, please check your tariff for details:

  1. Log in to Business Online Banking
  2. Select 'Manage service requests' from the left hand side of the dashboard
  3. Select 'Make a service request'
  4. Select 'Request a copy statement'
  5. Enter contact number
  6. Select the account you want a copy statement for
  7. Enter 'Statement number' and 'Statement date'
  8. Click 'Continue'
  9. Click 'Submit'

Our Business Online Banking user guide (PDF) takes you through these steps with screenshots from online banking to help you.