How do I pay in a cheque at the Post Office®?

You will need:

  • Post Office® cheque deposit envelope
  • Non-bar-coded (style F) paying-in book.

To pay in a cheque at the Post Office®:

  1. Complete a credit slip, keeping a full record of the cheques you are paying in, including, cheque number, sort code, account number, name and amount for each cheque
  2. Write your sort code and account number on the back of the cheque
  3. Put the credit slip and your cheques in the deposit envelope and seal it
  4. Give the envelope to the Post Office® cashier
  5. The cashier will give you a receipt for the envelope (this is not a receipt for the contents)
  6. The Post Office® will send the unopened envelope to the Co-operative Bank the same day for processing
  7. It usually takes two business days for the envelope to be received at our processing centre
  8. Your account should be credited the following business day, if the cheque(s) are paid.

If your deposit is made after the processing cut off time, it may take an additional business day to be processed.

  • To request paying-in books or cheque deposit envelopes please submit a service request through your online banking. For information on how to submit these, please see our Business Online Banking user guide (PDF) or
  • Contact Business Account Support on +44(0)3457 213 213
  • Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm Call charges apply.
  • Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

As an alternative to paying in at a Post Office® we have simplified our process so that you can use a standard envelope to send cheques directly to the Bank’s cheque processing centre. For your convenience there is no need to visit a Post Office® – simply:

  1. Write your account details on the back of each cheque
  2. Complete a paying in slip
  3. Put the paying in slip and the cheques in an envelope
  4. Send in the post to Freepost CO- OPERATIVE BANK CHEQUES.

Time frames may vary depending on how it's sent and where it's being sent from, so please allow time for us to receive your cheque.

Send your cheque and paying-in-slip with a stamp to the address below if you would like your cheque to arrive sooner.

Co-operative Bank p.l.c

PO Box 12672


CM20 9QR

Never send cash through the post.