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A software platform for medium-sized businesses to measure, manage and improve their sustainability journey in one place.

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What is Zellar?

A community of people who are passionate about supporting UK businesses becoming more sustainable. The platform has been designed to empower business owners with the right tools and resources to tackle the challenges that hinder sustainable engagement. The platform gives users guided support to reach net zero and beyond.

Zellar sets the standard for sustainability measurement to guide businesses to better products and services and customers to greener choices.

Up to 50% off

All Co-operative Bank customers benefit from a 20% discount to the cost of Zellar, however Community Directplus customers benefit from 50% off


Potential saving by an average UK business who uses the energy saving actions from Zellar


Emission reduction enjoyed by businesses who have maximised the energy saving investments

How Zellar could help your business

Moving your business towards greener choices is not always straightforward, 82% of businesses say they need more guidance and 78% have no idea where to start.

Additionally, there is limited data from energy suppliers, the offset market is still developing, green technology is not always accessible and integrating your initiatives for a streamlined workflow is challenging.

This is where Zellar can help.

Visit Zellar's homepage and utilise their potential savings calculator here.

Like minded community

Zellar is a unique blend of community and disruptive technology. They provide a supportive environment where specifically designed and engineered solutions are available to help your business succeed on its sustainability journey.

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Personalised roadmap

Use one of Zellar’s 64 micro sector roadmaps to help you navigate greener solutions for your business. The roadmaps are customisable too, meaning you get targeted support that is relevant and unique.

Discounted monthly price

As a Co-operative Business customer you receive a 20% discount on your monthly subscription, Community Directplus customers will receive a 50% discount.

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Single sign on

You can get a single view of all your key sustainability projects, without the need for multiple sign-ins to various systems.

Simple sign up

It is quick and simple to sign up. Zellar’s aim is to simplify the process for getting your business to net zero and beyond. So, they will be there every step of the way to support you on your journey.

Share your story

Zellar has made it easy to document your milestones to going greener. Every step is recorded on your Zellar profile so it’s simple to share with your organisation, your customers and the world.

Why choose Zellar?


  • Make sustainability simple

  • Accelerate your net zero goals

  • Save you money and time

  • Enhance your reputation as a sustainable business

  • Give your business a competitive edge

  • Help you create a legacy for your business

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Important things to know

Terms and Conditions of the Zellar subscription promotion

  1. Co-operative Bank plc (“the Bank”) has partnered with Zellar Ltd (“Zellar”) to promote the availability of the Zellar sustainability services to Business Banking customers. The services are described at zellar.com (“the Zellar service”)
  2. The Bank has otherwise negotiated a discounted charging scale with Zellar for its customers.
  3. A customer will enter into an agreement with Zellar for the use of the Zellar services which (except for this Promotion) will be governed entirely by the terms and conditions of the Zellar service. We are promoting the Zellar service because we consider it is a great way to support businesses with their sustainability goals. However, we make no representations or warranties and can accept no responsibility for the Zellar service.
  4. The Bank and Zellar may share information (which may include personal information) for the limited purpose of administering the Promotion. No other information will be shared.
  5. The promotion is limited to one paid subscription per customer. The Bank reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of this promotion at any time.

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