If you need to borrow a little extra money for a short while, having an arranged overdraft on your business account could work for you.

For overdraft requirements above £250,000, please contact one of our relationship managers.

Check eligibility and apply


  • Apply to borrow up to £250,000
  • Overdrafts may be offered on an unsecured or secured basis. Please note that there will be additional fees where security is required.
  • Arranged overdraft interest rates are variable and are calculated using the Bank of England Base Rate plus the appropriate interest margin. In some cases this will be determined by the financial status of your business.

Overdraft costs:

For arranged borrowing up to £25,000: 6.28% (Variable) Representative EAR*

Lending decisions for arranged overdrafts are based on individual circumstances, so the rates we offer may vary between customers.  This representative rate shows what the majority of our customers are offered.

For arranged borrowing over £25,000: Interest rates for arranged overdrafts above £25,000 are discussed upon application.

For all unarranged borrowing: 25.59% (Variable) EAR*

*EAR stands for Effective Annual Rate of Interest and shows the rate payable if you remained overdrawn for a year.  It doesn’t include any other fees or charges that you may pay when using or arranging your overdraft, or take into account any future changes to the Bank of England Base Rate.

Variable means that the rate could go up or down.  Your Overdraft Terms and the Overdraft Pre-Contract Information explain how we may make changes to your rate.

Interest is calculated daily and is charged on a monthly basis.

Additional overdraft fees

  • There will be a 1.5% overdraft arrangement fee (minimum fee of £50.00 - whichever is greater). This fee is not applicable for FSB account holders.
  • Where security is required, details of fees will be discussed upon application.
  • If we allow unarranged borrowing on your account, you’ll incur other fees such as an unarranged overdraft utilisation fee and an unarranged event fee.   If you don’t have sufficient funds and we decide not to allow an unarranged overdraft, you’ll be charged an unpaid item fee. For full information of unarranged and unpaid item fees, please refer to your business current account tariff.

      Apply for an overdraft

      Check you're eligible

      To apply, you and all key parties must:

      • be 18 years or over
      • be a UK resident
      • have authority to borrow on behalf of the business / charity
      • hold a business current account with The Co-operative Bank
      • require the lending for business use

      Your application is subject to status. This means we’ll complete credit checks and an assessment of your financial circumstances.

      We aim to give you a decision within 10 business days of the information being received. Occasionally, we may require additional information depending upon your circumstances.

      How to apply

      Please ensure you read the important documents below and save copies of them for future reference.

      To apply, you need to complete and return:

      • the overdraft request form (including pre-contractual information)
      • the assets and liabilities form (only if you are applying for more than £10,000)

      Download Overdraft request form (including pre-contractual information) PDF

      Download assets and liabilities PDF

      When you have completed these forms, you can send them to us by email or post.

      Apply by email

      Attach the complete forms to an email and send to lsunder@co-operativebank.co.uk

      This email address is to pick up lending requests only. Any emails received that do not contain a lending request, we will unfortunately be unable to respond to.

      Apply by post

      Print off and post your completed forms to:

      Lending Services

      The Co-operative Bank

      P.O. Box 200


      WN8 6YL

      If you do post your application, we will aim to process it within 10 business days of it reaching us.

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