Since our formation in 1872, The Co-operative Bank has been driven by our co-operative values and ethics. We are proud of our customer-led Ethical Policy which encourages our communities to shape how we do business.

Please read our Ethical Policy to find out more about what we do for the planet, people and community.

Community Directplus

The Community Directplus account provides Registered Charities, Community Interest Companies, Co-operatives and Credit Unions an ethical way to bank for free.

Customer Donation Fund

As long as you're a Community Directplus account holder you're eligible to apply for up to £1,000 from the Customer Donation Fund to support special projects and fundraising activities.

Co-operatives UK

We're proud of our roots in the co-operative movement and are committed to the values they embody. Find out how we support co-operative businesses, including through our membership of Co-operatives UK.