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Manage your accounts on the go.

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Business Banking App

Our app has been designed to make banking on the go quick, simple and secure. Manage your finances wherever you are in just a few clicks.

You are eligible to use this service if you:

  • are already using Business Online Banking
  • have a business current account, but no more than 12 for that business
  • do not have anyone set up as an approver of changes, like approval of payments.

If you are not registered for online banking already, then follow the Business Online Banking registration process now.

A screenshot of the Business Banking App your accounts page on a mobile device, showing details of two current accounts. The name, sort code, account number are shown for both. The available and current balance and overdraft limit are shown for the first.
  • The Business Banking App is not available for Financial Director Online customers yet.

Safe and secure

Secure log in using your biometrics on selected devices.

Multiple users

All account users can have their own secure app access.

Quick and easy

Pay your existing payees in just a few taps.

Key features

What you can do on the Business Banking App:

  • Log in securely

    Log in using biometrics depending on your device

  • Full balance overview

    View available balances across all your linked accounts

  • Transaction information

    Browse up to 30 days up to a maximum 3,000 entries

  • Give us your feedback

    Complete the in-app survey to help shape our app features

  • Dark mode

    Set the app’s look and feel to the way you like it in profile

Ready to get started?

Check you meet the eligibility and have accepted the terms and conditions in Business Online Banking.

Get started on our Business Banking App
A screenshot of the Business Banking App, showing the name, sort code, account number, available balance, current balance and overdraft limit of an account. It shows options to make a payment, find out how your balance works and search a transaction.
A screenshot of the Business Banking App pay and transfer page on a mobile device. It shows options to select an existing payee or transfer to one of your accounts.
  • How we keep your mobile banking secure

    We’re committed to making your mobile banking experience as safe and secure as possible by:

    • Using a range of fraud detection systems to regularly monitor your accounts for suspicious activity
    • Protecting you through our fraud guarantee in the unlikely event you fall victim to fraud

Register your Business Banking App

If you are already registered for Business Online Banking and have set up your HID Approve app; or have an activated physical token, you are ready to get started with mobile banking.

Help and troubleshooting

Unfortunately, our Business Banking App is currently experiencing issues with screen readers on Android devices. When making a payment to an existing payee or transferring money between your accounts, the desired amount will be read out followed by "edit box, zero pounds." The correct amount will be sent, so please ignore the zero pounds message and continue with the payment.

Apple users

You’ll need iOS 15 and above.

Apple iOS

Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Software Updates

If there's an update available, you should have the option to either 'Install Now' or Download and Install'.

Troubleshooting for Apple users

If your device is not

    Android users

    You will need version 7 and above.

    Tip: For ease, turn on your device’s automatic update feature in ‘Settings’.

    If you need to update your OS, follow the instructions below.


    Go to:

    1. Settings
    2. System
    3. System Update

    If there's an update available, follow the instructions on the screen.

    You will still be able to manage your account even if your device cannot be updated or there are no updates available by contacting Business Account Support on 03457 213 213, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm. Call charges apply.

    You'll be able to see any payees you've set up in online banking. If you've only ever paid the payee via our contact centre, this won't be available in the Business banking app.

    If you have lost your phone, contact your mobile network provider immediately so they can disable your phone. Nobody will be able to login to your Business banking app without your passcode, fingerprint or face recognition.

    If you change your phone, you will need to re-download the Business banking app from your app store and follow the instructions on the screen.

    • Need more help?

    Help with payments

    Find guidance on failed payments, payment limits and more.

    Make payments in our Business Banking App

    Help with balance and transactions

    Read more on your balance and transaction information in the app.

    View your balance and transactions