Ethical products and services

Being an ethical bank is about more than who we provide banking services to.

It’s about actively supporting businesses and organisations that are in tune with our values and ethics and those of our customers. And it’s about designing products and services that reflect our values and ethics in the way we treat our customers. The Co-operative Bank therefore seeks to provide products and services that reflect the values and ethics that we and our customers believe in.

Our commitments ensure we are:

A responsible bank that treats customers fairly

We will ensure we are fair to our customers in the fees and charges we apply. We seek to achieve this by ensuring we always explain fees and charges in plain language that customers can understand.

We will help customers in financial difficulty. We seek to achieve this by:

  • helping customers access guidance and support when they are in financial difficulty
  • adopting a responsible approach to lending and providing information to help customers recognise borrowing patterns that appear unsustainable or irresponsible
  • helping customers to avoid financial problems through the support of financial education

We base pay and rewards for branch and customer service colleagues on quality of service, good customer outcomes and control of risk rather than volume of sales.

We will involve our customers in designing and improving our products and services to ensure we treat customers fairly and meet their needs.

We have created a set of design principles for new products and services to ensure our products and services, wherever possible, are aligned to values and ethics while at the same time adding value for customers.

Promoting economic and social development in Britain

We are proud of our roots in the co-operative movement and are committed to the cooperative values they embody. To that end, we seek to support co-operatives, including through our membership of Co-operatives UK.

We seek to support charities and the broad range of organisations involved in the Social Enterprise sector that promote social and economic development in the UK including:

  • charities.
  • credit unions
  • community finance initiatives

We seek to:

  • provide customers with the opportunity to support causes aligned with our values and ethics through certain products and services we offer
  • support Community Development Finance Institutions that help finance small businesses and social enterprises whose objectives are to protect and create employment in the most socially deprived communities and drive investment in local economies

Protecting the environment

We will seek to support small businesses and organisations whose activities promote a healthy environment, including those involved in:

  • recycling and sustainable waste management
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • sustainable natural products and services (including timber and organic produce)
  • the pursuit of ecological sustainability

Supporting international development

We will continue to lend to organisations that support fair trade and the provision of finance to the working poor in developing countries via microfinance.

Protecting animal welfare

We will seek to support businesses involved in the development of alternatives to animal experimentation and farming methods that promote animal welfare (e.g. free range farming).

Products and Services from an ethical bank

Personal Current Account

You can be rest assured that your money is in safe hands.

Learn more about our Current Accounts

Business Current Accounts

A range of award-winning business accounts, specifically designed with small businesses and charities in mind.

Learn more about our Business Current Accounts

Mortgages that make a difference

For every eligible mortgage sold through our direct and intermediary channels, we give £5 to Centrepoint (Terms apply*).

Each £5 will go towards funding The Centrepoint Helpline, where people can get in touch for advice or guidance for themselves, or someone they know.

Learn more about Centrepoint

**Terms of the donation

New mortgage customer applications and existing mortgage customer product switch applications received from 2 May 2018 up to and including 31 December 2022 will be eligible for a £5 donation, on completion of the mortgage or product switch (as the case may be).  Transactions relating to existing mortgages including a further advance, porting of an existing mortgage or change of borrower, are not eligible for the Centrepoint charity donation at this time.  The Bank will make a payment to Centrepoint quarterly, for eligible completions during the previous quarter.  

The £5 donation will be made for each eligible mortgage sold through direct and intermediary channels i.e. it applies to the Bank’s Britannia and Platform branded mortgages. Britannia and Platform are trading names of The Co-operative Bank p.l.c. The Bank reserves the right to change or withdraw the donation arrangement at any time.

Centrepoint is a registered charity in England and Wales, No. 292411

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