Contactless payments

Contactless payments allow you to make fast and secure payments by tapping your card on a payment reader - available at most retailers across the UK.

Once you have tapped your card on the card reader to pay for that transaction, the transaction is complete.

Each transaction must be completed before another can take place. The terminal is tested and certified to only read one card at a time for each transaction.

Spending limits

There is a spending limit of £100 for any contactless card payment.

For additional security, from time to time we will ask you for your PIN when attempting a contactless payment to limit the number of transactions that can be made before verifying its you. If this happens, just enter your PIN into the terminal to make the payment. For more information on how we keep you safe and our fraud guarantee please visit our how we protect you information.

Contactless payments abroad

Making contactless transactions abroad can depend upon the retailer. The technology is available in many other countries and in some it is the expected way to pay for small value transactions.

If you see the contactless symbol, you will be able to use your card in this way. If not you can use Chip & PIN wherever you see the VISA symbol.

Please be aware that the local contactless transaction limits may vary and be more or less than the UK limit.

For additional security, you might also be asked for your PIN when attempting to make a contactless payment.

A fee of 2.75% of the transactions value is charged for any non-sterling transaction using your debit card. The transaction is converted in to Sterling using the VISA Scheme Exchange Rate which can be found on the VISA website.

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