Useful forms

Download the form you need from the list below, complete and return to the address provided on the form. 

You will need to use Adobe Acrobat reader to view these forms.

Card payment disputes

CB30 - Non Receipt of goods or service

Use this form when you haven't received goods or services from a company you've done business with.

CB53 - Goods not as described

Use this form when you've received goods or services which are:

  • not as described
  • counterfeit
  • defective on arrival
  • damaged
  • or not up to the standard they should be.

CB53 - Mis representation

Use this form when you think that the sale of goods or services has been misrepresented and not in line with the terms and conditions you agreed with before buying the goods/services.

CB85 - Refund not received

Use this form if you've made a payment for goods or services but cancelled within the Visa timescales. You can also use this form if you haven't received a refund for goods or services.

When you send us one of these forms, we also need evidence or documentation including any correspondence between you and the company. You should always attempt to resolve the dispute with the merchant before escalating the issue to us.

A good example of documentation would be an email, receipt or letter from the company.

We also need to see the amount of money in the transaction you're disputing, the date of the transaction and at least the last 4 digits of the card number you used to pay. We might get in touch for more information if it's needed.

All forms and supporting information should be sent either: