How to make a payment to someone new in the app

Here, you can learn how to make a payment to someone new in the mobile app.

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How to make a payment to someone new

In this step-by-step guide, we explain how you can use the app to easily make payments to someone new, if they're based in the UK.

International payments work differently – you can find out more in our guide to making international payments.

To begin, add the details of the person or business you're paying

  1. First, log in to the app, and tap 'Pay & Transfer'. Here you can select the account you want to pay the money from.
  2. Then, tap 'Pay someone new'.
  3. You'll then be taken to the 'Add payee details' page, where you'll need to enter the payee's name, sort code, and account number
  4. If you're paying a business, select the 'Pay a business' tick box. You can also add an optional nickname for the payee, and a payment reference.

We'll then verify the person or business you're paying

  1. Now, tap 'Verify payee'.
  2. At this point, we'll check whether the details you entered match the details held by the person or business' bank. This can help you make sure you're sending money to the right account.

Please note: some banks don't take part in this service, known as the Confirmation of Payee service. So we aren't always able to verify the payee's details.

Then, decide how much you want to transfer

  1. After you've added the payee's details, you'll be taken to the 'Payment details' page. Here, you'll need to enter the amount you want to transfer.
  2. Then, tap 'Continue'.

Now, answer some fraud and scam questions

  1. You'll need to answer some questions about fraud and scams – it's important that you read these each time, and think about whether the payment you're trying to make could be part of a scam. This will help you keep your money safe. After you answer each question, tap 'Continue'.
  2. Next, you need to confirm whether you've read the information, and if you still want to transfer your money. If you agree, select the tick box and tap 'Continue'.

Next, confirm the details of your payment

  1. You'll be taken to the 'Confirm details' page, where you can review the payment details. If they're correct, tap 'Confirm and pay'. If something's not right, you can tap 'Edit' to make changes.
  2. Once you've tapped 'Confirm and pay', you'll need to authenticate the payment by using Face ID, Touch ID or biometrics, or by entering your 6-digit passnumber.
  3. We'll then process your payment request.

Finally, check if your payment has been successful

  • If your payment is successful

    If successful, you'll see a confirmation message saying that your payment request has been sent. We'll also save the details of the person or business you paid as a 'saved payee'. Now you'll be able to transfer money to them without having to enter their details again.

    When you've finished making your payment, you can click 'Return to my accounts' to go back to the main app screen.

  • If your payment is unsuccessful

    If you've tried to make a payment and it was unsuccessful, we recommend trying again. There are a number of reasons why a payment might be unsuccessful – you can find out more and get extra support in our money transfers guide.

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