Everyday Rewards

Our Everyday Rewards scheme is ending on 31 May 2024.

If you're already opted in for Everyday Rewards, any reward amounts you earn up until 31 May 2024 will be paid into your account, or donated to your chosen charity, by 30 June 2024.

A rewards scheme for our customers. No extra cost and get rewarded for making everyday use of your bank account each month.

Benefits of Everyday Rewards

How to qualify of Everyday Rewards

How rewards are paid

Benefits of Everyday Rewards

Be rewarded up to £2.20 a month

  • £1 for each month if you qualify.
  • Up to a maximum of £1.20 for debit card spending each month you qualify. If you meet the criteria below, you'll be rewarded an extra 2p every time you use your debit card to pay for things.
  • No extra cost for opting in to Everyday Rewards.

How to qualify for Everyday Rewards

  • Pay in a minimum of £800 to the nominated account.

  • Stay in credit, or within your arranged overdraft limit on the nominated account.

  • Log in to online banking or the mobile banking app at least once a month.

  • Stay opted in for paperless statements on your nominated account.

  • Pay out at least four Direct Debits from your nominated account.

  • Transfers from other Co-operative Bank, Britannia and smile accounts do not count.

  • If you do not meet all of the qualifying criteria above in any month - for example, if you pay less than £800 into your nominated account in July - you won't earn rewards for that month.

  • You can only earn rewards on one account at a time.

Eligible accounts for Everyday Rewards on:

  • Current Account.

  • Everyday Extra current account.

  • Privilege account.

  • Privilege Premier account.

  • Current Account Plus.

All other accounts, for example Cashminder, smile, Pathfinder and student accounts are not eligible.

What you can do with your Everyday Rewards

Rewards to you

You can have your rewards paid into your nominated current account each month.

Donate to charity

Amnesty international, Hospice UK, Oxfam, Refuge, Woodland Trust

If you prefer, you can choose not to be paid the rewards and instead we'll make a donation to one of our five chosen charities of £1 plus any of your debit card rewards. The Everyday Rewards charities have been chosen based on how they align to our values and ethics.

Find out more about the charities and how to donate

How are my Everyday Rewards paid?

Your rewards are paid on or before the last working day of the month, providing that you have met the criteria. If you've chosen to receive reward payments into your account:

  • Debit card reward payments will show on your statement as EverydayReward CB.
  • Account reward payments will show as EverydayReward Net.

We'll also send a message to your email address to let you know when a payment has been made.


If you have an active current account with a different bank, you can apply to switch to us whenever you’re ready.

With our simple switching process, we’ll move all your Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments to your new account with us. Once you've applied to switch, you don't need to do anything else as we take care of the rest.

You can choose what date you’d like to complete the switch and close your old account. Once the switch has started, it takes just 7 working days to complete. And you'll be covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee, so you don't need to worry about missing payments.

Learn more about switching

Current Account Switch Guarantee Logo

Important documents

Read the important documents below and save copies of them for future reference.

Everyday Rewards terms and conditions (PDF)

Everyday Rewards benefits document (PDF)

How we use your personal information (PDF)

Get help with Everyday Rewards

Help and information about Everyday Rewards for our existing customers.

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