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Keeping yourself secure online

Feeling comfortable and safe online is incredibly important.

To help you learn more about cyber security, we have collaborated with BPP, a global leader in education.

Together we have created interactive activities covering four common areas of cyber security. Each activity will help you learn how to protect yourself online, and take approximately 15 minutes.

You will leave The Co-operative Bank site when you do any of the activities, as they are hosted on BPP’s external site. If you have any issues with any of the activities, please contact us.

An introduction to cyber security

Find out:

  • what cyber security is

  • who is behind cyber attacks

  • what could happen if you are the victim of an attack

An introduction to Cyber Security Activity

Phishing and social engineering

Find out:

  • what phishing and social engineering are

  • common social engineering tactics

  • how to spot phishing and spear-phishing emails

Using the Internet securely

Find out:

  • why you need a strong password and good password 'hygiene'

  • our social media footprint and its impact on our online security

  • the dangers of browsing in public and information on using private and public Wi-Fi

Using the Internet Securely Activity


Malicious software (Malware)

Find out:

  • what malware is and how it could affect you

  • how to avoid exposure to malware

  • what anti-virus and security software do

Malicious Software Activity