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Paperless statements

Reducing the amount of paper you receive and making your life that little bit easier when banking online with us.

How do I go paperless?

  • Log in to your online banking.
  • From your online banking home page select the account you wish to receive paperless statements for by clicking 'View account'.
  • Under 'Account actions' you can then select 'Paperless'.
  • A message will appear, once you have read this click 'OK'.

You will now start automatically receiving paperless statements for that account and we'll email you each time one is available for you to view. You will only be able to view paperless statements from the date you choose to go paperless. Any transaction before this date, for which you will have already received a paper statement, will not be available as a paperless statement.

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Why should I go paperless?

  • Statements available 24/7 in both online banking and the mobile app.*
  • Print or download your statement in PDF format any time you need them.
  • Start to build up to seven years' worth of viewable current accounts, savings accounts, ISA's and loans from the date you switch to paperless.
  • View up to 6 months' worth of credit card statements in online banking only.
  • Just like paper statements, you can use them to prove your address, if you need to.
  • Cut the clutter - we take care of the filing for you as your statements are stored on our secure server.

* Subject to planned maintenance periods.

Keeping in touch with our ethical policy - just like you asked us to

Ethical Hands

Over 74,000 of our customers played their part in our ethical poll in June 2014; helping us to reshape the values and ethics that we believe in. For the first time ever, our ethical policy will also be reflected in the products and services we provide to our customers - one being going paperless.

And that's our approach to banking.

For all the right reasons.

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