Abbreviations you may see on your statement

S - Sub Total

Because each statement only shows 25 transactions, some of the days transactions may be on the next statement. To help show this you'll see S - Sub Total at the bottom of the statement.

OD/S - Overdrawn Sub Total

Because each statement shows 25 transactions, some of the days transactions may be on the next statement. To help show this, you'll see OD/S - overdrawn Sub Total at the bottom of the statement.

OD - Overdrawn Balance

A minus (-) sign next to your available balance means your balance is or is about to go below £0. Your available balance does not include any arranged overdraft you may have set up. If you don't have an arranged overdraft set up, your account will enter into an unarranged overdraft. You need to make a payment in to your account as soon as possible to avoid incurring charges.

CCC - Currency conversion charge

A currency conversion charge is applied when you make a purchase using your debit or credit card in a currency other than Sterling.

Counter Credit/Debit

Displayed when you make a payment to your account or take money out of your account in branch or Post Office.


The fee that you pay for your packages current account.

Unchargeable transfer

If you've reported fraud on your account, we'll display genuine transactions you have made as 'unchargeable transfer' - these won't ever update on your statement so if you need to know more you can contact us.

Unrecognised transactions

Companies may have different trading names to the company name that you recognise. Most of the time you'll be able to identify these transactions by searching the trading name on the internet or by checking receipts and invoices. If you don't recognise a transaction you can contact us for further help. 

Posting date and transaction date

The transaction date is when you actually bought an item or took out money - interest is charged from this date.

The posting date is when we receive the information that you did so.

Credit card 'available credit' explained

Available credit is the amount that you have available to spend. It is made up of:

  • your credit limit
  • less the current balance
  • less the credit card transactions that have been authorised or pre-authorised - where the final transaction amount is not known upfront, but not yet debited your account.

Examples of pre-authorised transactions include where you have given a credit card pre-authorisation for a hire car or hotel room.

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