What you'll need to set up Google Pay

Most of our Co-operative Bank debit and credit cards are eligible for Google Pay, with the exception of ATM cards and business credit or debit cards.

To use Google Pay, cardholders will need a NFC capable Android™  device running Android 5.0. (Lollipop®) or higher.

Download Google Pay

Before you download Google Pay please read the Google Pay Terms of use below:

Google Pay terms of use when using a Co-operative Bank card (PDF)
Download Google Pay

Add a card to your device

To add a card to Google Pay:

  • download and open the Google Pay app
  • select 'Add Card'
  • select a credit or debit card
  • use the camera to read your card information or enter it manually
  • read and accept the Terms of Use
  • verify your payment method - choose a verification method from the list
  • enter the verification code and you'll be ready to pay with Google Pay.

Make a payment

You can make a Google Pay payment whenever you see a contactless or Google Pay logo.

For payments under £100

You just need to wake up your device and tap on the contactless terminal.

For payments over £100

You'll need your device passcode, fingerprint or pattern to authenticate. Some merchants may set a maximum spend for Google Pay. Some merchants may set a maximum spend for Google Pay.

Why payments might be declined

Providing you have enough funds in your account and there's no fault with the merchant's terminal, it might be best that you contact us on 03457 212 212 . Lines are open 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday. (call charges)

How secure are wallet payments?

When you make a payment with Google Pay, it doesn't send your actual debit or credit card number with your payment. Instead it uses a virtual account number that differs from the details on your card, meaning your card details stay safe. Additionally your fingerprint, iris or 4-digit PIN is required to authorise in-store purchases.

What do I do if I have lost or had stolen my card or device?

Call us immediately on +44(0)345 600 6000 (call charges) and we will cancel the card, order you a replacement card and automatically update your card in the Wallet the next working day. Lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have lost your Google device or believe it has been stolen, you can use your Android Device Manager to remotely erase all of the data in the device, including your card(s).

Payment limits for digital wallet payments

The bank does not set a transaction limit for wallet payments but check with the merchant before purchasing as they may set a limit.

Can I use wallet payments outside the UK?

Yes, you can use wallet payments in the same way you would a standard debit or credit card. You may be charged processing fees by other banks, overseas charges, and currency conversion charges too. Find out more about The Co-operative Bank's card charges outside the UK.

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