Paperless statements

Reduce your impact on the environment and choose paperless statements

  • view your statements online 24/7 - subject to planned maintenance periods
  • your statements are stored on our secure server.

For current accounts, savings, loans and ISA's

  • you can opt in and view paperless statements in online banking and the mobile app
  • you can build up to 7 years worth of statements from the date you switch to paperless.

For credit cards

  • you can only opt in and view paperless statements in online banking
  • only the last 6 months worth of statements are available online.

How to opt-in using online banking

Log in to online banking and:

  • choose the account you wish to receive paperless statements for by selecting 'View account'
  • select 'Paperless' under 'Account actions'
  • read the on screen message and select 'OK'.

How to opt-in using the mobile app

Log in to your mobile app and:

  • select 'Menu'
  • select 'my settings and details'
  • select 'statement preferences'
  • select the account you want to opt in to paperless statements
  • select save statement preferences.

View your paperless statement

  • we'll email you each time a statement is available for you to view
  • you'll only be able to view paperless statements from the date you choose to go paperless
  • you can download, save and print your paperless PDF statement
  • you can't choose to have both paper and paperless statements.

Print your statement

Once you've found the statement you want, select the 'Print' button. You may need to adjust the print settings on your device to get the statements to fit on 1 page.

Order a copy statement

Statements are available for up to 7 years and are charged at £2.50 per statement, capped at £10 per request. To order a copy statement to be sent by post, please contact us.

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