IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. This is your bank account number in an internationally recognised format.

An IBAN is made up of:

  • country code - identifies which country the IBAN was issued and where the account is held
  • check number - helps a banking institution to validate an IBAN. This varies between IBANs
  • bank identified code - identifies where the funds need to be transferred
  • sort code & account number - identifies where the funds need to be transferred.

A Co-operative Bank IBAN might look like GB12CPBK12345612345678.

In this example the country code is GB, the check number is 12, the bank identified code is CPBK followed by the sort code and account details.

Find your IBAN

You can find your IBAN on your statements, via our mobile banking app by selecting account and then account information or when you log into online banking and select manage account for the account you wish to find the IBAN for.

You can find out whether an IBAN you have been given is correct by visiting the UK Payments website.


Swift stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. It can be used to make an electronic payment of any amount, to almost anywhere in the world.

A SWIFT transfer normally takes between 1-4 working days to complete.

The Co-operative Bank's SWIFT code is: CPBKGB22.

Make a SWIFT payment

To make a SWIFT payment you'll need the:

  • currency you wish the payment to be made in - please check the currency is available
  • beneficiary name and account number/IBAN - where applicable
  • beneficiary bank's SWIFT or BIC code
  • name of the beneficiary bank.

We may ask you for further information when sending payments to some countries, such as the overseas bank address.

You'll also need to agree to the below declaration:

We may need to disclose limited information to third parties where reasonably necessary. This is for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime, prosecution of offenders, for the purposes of national security or where required by law. This may mean that the information could be transferred to countries that do not provide the same level of data protection as the UK.


BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code. This code identifies the account holders bank should be used on all international payments.

The Co-operative Bank's BIC code is CPBKGB22.

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