Exchange rates

If you ask us to make a foreign payment from your account, we'll convert it from Pound Sterling (GBP) using our standard exchange rate. This includes a margin of 4%. If you receive a foreign payment in a currency other than GBP we'll convert this using our standard exchange rate. This also includes a margin of 4%.

Exchange rates vary from day to day and from currency to currency. You can find out our current exchange rate by calling us on 03457 212 212. Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Call charges

Depending on the type of foreign transfer you have requested, transaction fees may also apply. You can find this information below and on your tariff or account charges leaflet.

For card transactions we use the Visa Scheme Exchange Rate plus our Currency Conversion Charge of 2.75%. Some shops and hotels in other countries may offer to undertake transactions in Pound Sterling for you. If they do, it will be at their exchange rate and may not be as good as the Visa Scheme Exchange Rate.

Charges for sending money outside the UK

Charges for sending money outside the UK depend on the different payment methods and agent charges where applicable.

SWIFT payment

Transfers in sterling or foreign currency to almost anywhere in the world, within 1-4 working days.

Charge is 0.25% - with a minimum charge of £13 and a maximum charge of £35 plus postage, transmission and agent's charges where applicable.

Structured USD Payments

Low cost way of sending US Dollars to the USA which will take up to 5 working days.

Charge is £8

SEPA Payments

Transfer euros between all EU Member States as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco and Switzerland. Funds should be received by close of business on the next working day. Both the sender and beneficiary have to have an account within the SEPA region.

Charge is £0

Real Time Euro Payments - TARGET

This is a method of sending money outside the UK in euros. This payment is received on the same day if keyed before 2pm, but can take 1-3 working days if there are problems from the recipient's side. Fax confirmation required if transfer is over £10,000.

Charge is £25 plus postage, transmission and agents charges where applicable.

Enquiries, amendments and cancellations

Fees from any enquiry investigated at your request regarding sending money outside the UK. These fees are also payable for our handling of enquiries from banks outside the UK concerning your payment instructions. However, where this investigation has resulted from an error by The Co-operative Bank, or one of its agents, the fee will be waived.

Charge is £20 plus postage, transmission and agents charges where applicable.

For information about charges for sending money outside the UK, please see the Account charges leaflet relevant to your account.

Where a payment gives you a full range of charging options like shared, sender or recipient, agent fees are usually applicable.

Payments outside the European Economic Area and USA require the use of an agent/correspondent bank to forward the funds onto the recipient's bank. This charge can vary depending on the destination, currency and complexity of the transfer. The additional charging options allow you to specify who pays the two sets of charges.

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