Cancel a Direct Debit

Direct Debit's can be viewed and cancelled whenever you like. Cancelled Direct Debits will be removed from your list by the next working day. If your cancelled Direct Debit still shows after 1 working day, please contact us.

How to cancel a Direct Debit

The easiest way to cancel a Direct Debit is by logging into online banking or the mobile app.

Cancel a Direct Debit in online banking

Log into your account and:

  • select 'View account' for the account you want to cancel your Direct Debit from
  • select 'Planned Payments'
  • verify it's you
  • select 'View' on the Direct Debit you want to cancel
  • to cancel the Direct Debit select 'Delete'.

Cancel a Direct Debit in the mobile app

Log into the app and:

  • select 'View account'
  • select 'Payments & transfers'
  • select 'View or cancel schedule payments'
  • choose the Direct Debit you want to cancel
  • select 'Cancel this Direct Debit'.

If you're registered for online or mobile banking, you can contact us to cancel a Direct Debit.

Multiple Direct Debits with the same company

If you have more than one Direct Debit with the same company and only want to cancel one of them, you'll need to identify the correct Direct Debit. You'll have different reference numbers for each Direct Debit set up, so you can match up the correct one to be cancelled.

If you're still unsure, we recommend you ask the company claiming the Direct Debit to give you the correct reference number.

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