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Mobile banking

Mobile banking is a quick and secure way for you to manage your money. You can view your balance, keep track of transactions, make payments and much more. 

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Online banking

If you don’t have a smart phone or would prefer to do your banking on a larger screen, you can use online banking. This comes with the added benefit of being able to talk to us online via live chat. It’s like having your own virtual branch.

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Automated telephony service

With our automated telephony service you can, check your balance, make transfers between your Co-operative Bank accounts, make payments to your Co-operative Bank credit card and check your recent transactions.

How to use our automated telephone service

To do this you will need:

  • Your account number and sort code, these can be found on a bank statement or your debit card or your 16 digit credit card number, this can be found on your credit card or statement
  • 4 digit telephone banking security code

You can access these automated services 24/7 through the numbers below:

For credit card enquiries +44(0)345 600 6000 (Call charges), for all other accounts +44(0)3457 212 212 (Call charges)

You will then be able to access a range of self-service banking actions:

  • To check your balance of every account select option 1 then option 2
  • To listen to your last 6 credits select option 2 then option 1 and last 6 debits select option 2 then option 2 again
  • To make payments between your accounts select option 3 then option 1, if you're making a payment to your Co-operative Bank credit card select option 3 then option 2
  • To order statements or stationery such as post office envelopes select option 4
  • To reissue your PIN number to the address we hold for you select option 5

If you have a credit card you can also check your minimum payment, full balance and remaining available credit using our credit card line by listening to the options and selecting the relevant number.