Can I request Payment Transaction History on a closed account?

If your account was closed after 2 February 2018, you can request a copy of your Payment Transaction History any time up to five years after your account has closed. This information will show all of your payment related transactions that have been made through your account up to a period of five years. In certain circumstances there may be a charge for this request.

We won’t provide this for any period where there has been no payment related transactions i.e. your account has only attracted charges or if the account was closed due to:

  • fraud or other unlawful activity
  • the death of the account holder
  • arrears
  • bankruptcy 

Requests for Payment Transaction History after your account has closed will be sent to you within 10 working days following us being able to complete our verification of your identity. This will generally be sent to the address we held on file for you at the point your account was closed, unless requested otherwise by you or we require further information.  

To request this, please write to us at the following address and include a copy of one proof of identity document:

The Co-operative Bank
PO Box 4931

If you require information prior to the 5 year limit, this would need to be requested via a formal Subject Access Request.

Please note: The number of years’ worth of payment transaction information we will provide to you will depend on the time between your account being closed and you submitting your request. For example, if you closed your account 2 years ago you will be provided 3 years’ worth of payment transaction history. If your account has been open for less than five years, your transaction history will only cover this period.

If you changed your current account product and retained the same account details or if your deposit account converted to a current account within the time period provided, your payment transaction history will cover all transactions made during that period. If you are a looking to request your payment transaction history on a business account, please visit our ways to bank page. 

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