What types of valuation are there?

To make sure that your new home will provide enough security for your mortgage, we carry out a mortgage valuation. The cost of the valuation depends on the purchase price and the type of survey that you request. 

It's important to bear in mind that The Co-operative Bank require a basic mortgage valuation to assess whether the property provides adequate security for the proposed mortgage. If you require a more detailed survey of the property, you may wish to consider a Homebuyers survey or a Building survey in addition to your mortgage valuation.

Mortgage Valuation

This survey provides basic details of the property condition along with a valuation. The report can highlight any possible concerns and recommendations that need to be considered.

Valuations are valid for 6 months from the date of inspection.

There are two types of more detailed survey available through The Co-operative Bank, each carried out by a Chartered Surveyor.

Homebuyer Report & Valuation

This survey provides more information about the general condition of the property, so you'll know if you'll need any specialist reports or work completing before you commit to your mortgage. Please note: this survey may not be suitable for older properties, those over a certain size or of unusual construction.

The valuer will send you a copy of the Standard Terms of Engagement. Simply sign and return a copy and your report will be sent to you.

Building Survey & Valuation

This survey is the most detailed report, and may be suitable for older properties, or when you're considering making structural alterations. You can ask the surveyor to concentrate on specific areas, or address any concerns you may have about the property. As this is a more detailed survey, it is more expensive. You may also be charged extra for any additional enquiries.


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