What is the eligibility criteria for the Everyday Extra Current Account?

All account holders must: 

  • Be aged between 18 and 79
  • Not already hold an Everyday Extra Current Account, Privilege Premier, Privilege, smilemore, or Credit Card Plus account(s)
  • Meet the UK residency eligibility for the insurance benefits
  • Not be using the £200 product overdraft of the Current Account Plus
  • Not have an account that is pending an upgrade to an Everyday Extra Current Account
  • Not have a bank account with another provider which includes similar benefits (like travel insurance, motor breakdown cover and mobile phone insurance)
  • Not have equivalent standalone travel insurance or, if you have cover in place, you have reviewed the policies and are happy to proceed
  • Have an open Current Account or Current Account Plus which is not in an unrranged overdraft position.

Please note, to be eligible for this account you’ll need to meet the eligibility criteria for the account features as well as the eligibility criteria for the account.

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