Accessing your account

There are many ways in which you can manage your account - we've listed them below.

The Co-operative Bank were one of the first UK banks to offer an online banking service to our customers. This has helped us to provide an online banking service that is both safe and easy to use allowing you to manage your money wherever and whenever it suits.

Feel secure

We know security is what you want most while banking online, so we've taken every precaution to keep your accounts extremely secure. For additional security hints and tips, read our guide to Fraud and Security section.

Did you know 1999 we introduced the first full service online bank - smile, so you can be assured we're experts in online banking.

Our telephone banking service is one of the most widely used of its kind in the UK - and one of the most comprehensive. You can do virtually anything by phone that you can do in a branch. And the lines are open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, call 03457 212 212. ^Call charges

Every day around 30,000 customers call telephone banking - that's over 10 million calls a year. Telephone banking is both quick and secure. All you need is a four digit security code for our advisors to access your account and you may be asked for one of five pieces of information for security purposes.

At branches

The Co-operative Bank branches are different too. Not only are our staff renowned for being friendly and welcoming but all our outlets are open from 9.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday - and some are open on a Saturday too.

Many also offer a wide range of automated facilities with a 24 hour lobby service. For details of your nearest branch please use our branch locator.

As well as banking at the Co-operative Bank, you can now do your current account banking at your local Britannia branch. There are branches throughout the UK, use our branch locator to find your nearest branch.

Use our Branch Finder for both Co-operative Bank and Britannia branches.

Current account servicing
There are over 16,000 Post Offices across the country so there should be a local one near you. The Post Office also allows you to pay in cash over the counter, all you have to do is hand over your Chip and PIN card.

The cut off time for paying cash into your account is 5.15pm. Cash paid in after this time will show on your account immediately, but may not credit your account until the next working day.

You can also pay in cheques, using a separate paying in slip and depositing the items in the Post Office envelopes provided. These envelopes can be ordered via the Internet Banking service, once you are registered, or by contacting customer services.

Savings servicing

If you pay a cheque into your account via a Post Office the payment into your account will be delayed by up to two business days and, therefore, you will have to wait a maximum of six business days after the business day it has been paid in before you can withdraw the money.

You will start to earn interest on cheque deposits a maximum of two business days after the business day it was paid in.

You can use any LINK ATM cash machine to withdraw funds from your account by using your Debit card. Most Co-operative Bank and most LINK machines are free of charge. However, some LINK ATMs in shops, nightclubs, amusement arcades etc. do charge an additional fee for the service. You will be advised of this charge before you make your transaction. You must have sufficient funds in the account to make a withdrawal.

If you are travelling outside of the UK, use the Visa ATM locator.

The Co‑operative Bank offers mobile banking services too - find out more.