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Ownership structure

Company Number 10865342 (England and Wales)

Private limited parent company, and the issuer of unlisted A shares and B shares.

Company Number 11598074 (England and Wales)

Intermediate parent company (resolution entity) wholly owned by The Co-operative Bank Holdings Limited. Owns 100% of The Co-operative Bank p.l.c. Established as external MREL issuance (issuer of listed debt securities) entity to provide structural subordination

Company Number 00990937 (England and Wales)

Operating company wholly owned by The Co-operative Bank Finance p.l.c, and issuer of listed debt

Rating information

As a Bank, we have a contractual relationship with two agencies, Moody's Investors Service and Fitch Ratings, for the provision of rating information. Moody's and Fitch evaluate our ability to meet our obligations for the timely payment of financial commitments. At least once a year, our financial results and future business plans are shared with these agencies by members of our management team, and it's this information that helps the agencies to choose an overall rating for the Bank, and Issuerco (Moody's only).

Current ratings for The Co-operative Bank PLC:

Ratings Fitch Moody's
Long Term BB (Rating Outlook Stable) Ba1 (Rating Outlook Positive)
Short Term B P-3

Current ratings for The Co-operative Bank Finance PLC:

Ratings Moody's
Long Term Ba3 (Rating Outlook Positive)

Fitch and Moody's latest reports

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