Demanding fairer renting with Shelter

“We exist to defend the right to a safe home. Because home is everything.” — Shelter

Supporting Shelter's mission

We believe that having a safe home is essential in order to thrive. That’s why we’re working to end the devastating impact of the housing emergency on people and our communities.

The Co-operative Bank has partnered up with Shelter to reduce housing emergency

Over 127,000 children are experiencing homelessness right now

Many of them are living in unsafe conditions.

Over 900,000 private renters are at risk of losing their homes

And we’re campaigning to change this.

We’re campaigning for real change

Making renting fairer

We’re campaigning with Shelter to demand long-overdue reforms that will fix private renting for good, including:

  • Ending unfair ‘no fault’ evictions
  • Introducing a new property portal with information about landlords and rental properties
  • Securing stronger rights for all renters.

These measures were first promised as part of the Renter’s Reform Bill four years ago. And the Bill is just now being passed into law. Tenants are finally one step closer to knowing that their homes are safe.

But we must make sure that the Bill is robust – that the wording of these laws gives tenants the right protections. Then they could feel securely rooted in their communities without having to worry about being unfairly evicted.

What is a bill?

A bill is a proposal for a new law, or a change to an existing law. Representatives from the House of Commons and the House of Lords will read, debate and amend it.

If both Houses agree on a bill and its wording, it’s then passed to the King for approval. Once he has approved, it becomes an Act of Parliament and is law.

What is the Renters Reform Bill?

The Renters Reform Bill is an unmissable opportunity to fix the private rented sector and give renters safety and security in their homes.

The last time there was a wide-reaching change to the law relating to the private rented sector was in 1988 – that’s 35 years ago. Since then, the sector has more than doubled in size but regulation hasn’t kept up.

Demanding laws that work for renters

For the Renter’s Reform Bill to be as robust as possible, we stand with Shelter in demanding that private renters are kept at the forefront as it becomes law. That means:

  • Requiring landlords to give their tenants a realistic notice period when they wish to sell or move back into their property
  • Making sure private renters continue to have a right to support from their local council when a landlord serves notice, so they can avoid homelessness
  • Closing loopholes that would allow landlords to get around these protections for tenants.

This is our chance to turn words into action. For our neighbours and our communities, let’s push for real change and a fairer private rented system – because a home is a human right.

Learn more about Shelter

As well as campaigning on important housing issues, Shelter also provides help to people in precarious housing, including:

  • Emergency helpline and webchat services for people who are homeless, have nowhere to stay for a night, or are worried about losing their home
  • Housing advice, including information on housing rights and practical steps to take
  • Legal Aid legal services for eligible people who need to challenges decisions made by councils or landlords, or to go to court about housing problems.

If you want to learn more or find a way to offer your support, there are so many ways you can get involved with Shelter.

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