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Financial abuse and economic abuse can take many forms. We’re here to help you spot the signs and get support safely. On this page you can find out:

What are financial abuse and economic abuse?

Financial and economic abuse are types of domestic abuse and happen within relationships. Someone who experiences it is referred to as a ‘survivor’, and someone who carries it out is referred to as an ‘abuser’ (or a ‘perpetrator’). Abusers could be partners, ex-partners, family members, or carers. Abusers might:

  • Refuse to let you open a bank account
  • Control or monitor how you use your money
  • Build up debt in your name.

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How can Refuge help?

Refuge is a charity that aims to empower women and children who have experienced domestic abuse to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear. They provide a range of life-saving and life-changing services.

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What other support is available?

We want you to know we’re here for you and have a range of support and resources available, whether you know or think you’ve experienced it yourself or you’re worried about someone you know.

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Our commitment to a world where violence against women and children isn’t tolerated

A core part of our customer-led Ethical Policy is our campaigning to tackle issues and support causes where we can make a real difference to people and communities.

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That’s why in 2015 we began our partnership with Refuge and launched our joint ‘My money, my life’ campaign. We were the first to publish statistics on financial abuse.

Since then, we ran our Know Economic Abuse study, to understand how big this problem is in the UK, and campaign for change to tackle the issue.

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