A look back at 2023, and what’s in store for 2024

2023 was a big year for our digital services. Take a look at our highlights, and find out what we’re working on in 2024 to make your digital banking experience even better.

2023 digital highlights

New look and feel for our digital banking services

Both our mobile app and online banking services have a new and improved design. It’s now easier to:

  • Navigate through our mobile app and online banking, and get a similar experience whichever you prefer to use
  • Make payments in the app, and share your details with friends and family
  • Get the help you need fast, using our handy help and support hub
  • Connect your payment accounts through Open Banking, helping you save time and money.

You can check out our help guides to find out how to do things in the mobile app, online banking and open banking.

023 wrap up - New look and feel for our digital banking services

Improved fraud prevention and security

We’re always looking for ways to help customers spot fraud on their account, and help keep their money safe. Here are some features we introduced in 2023:

  • Fraud and security hubs – report suspected fraudulent activity, and learn more about fraud, scams, and how to protect your account in our dedicated digital hubs. To get started, tap ‘More’ in the app or online banking, and select ‘Fraud and security’.
  • Help if you spot an unrecognised transaction – Simply tap ‘I have a problem with this transaction’ in the app or in online banking, and follow the steps so we can investigate it for you.
  • Fraud alerts – If you’re opted into notifications, you’ll now be alerted about potential fraud. For example, you’ll be notified if your account is registered to a new device, or if your phone number is changed. To opt in, tap ‘More’ in the app, ‘My settings and details’, and ‘Notifications’. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • ‘Last login date and time’ feature – We’ve also added a handy feature within online banking to help you spot any logins that weren’t you, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.
Improved fraud prevention and security

Supporting you with your life goals

We’re here to help you take control of your finances, but in a way that suits you and your individual goals. Here are some features we added in 2023 to help you get the most out of banking with us:

  • Sustainability hub – Our co-operative values and ethics are fundamental to who we are, and we’re committed to standing up for causes that our customers care about, including the planet. This is why we’ve introduced a new sustainability hub in the app, which is full of advice on making ethical choices. Tap ‘More’ in the app to find it.
  • Apply for savings accounts, in the app – Want to save for a holiday, home improvements, a rainy day, or something else? Whatever the reason, it’s now easier to apply for savings accounts with us, as you can do it directly in the app.
  • Apply for credit cards in the app – looking for a way to spread your costs? Now you can learn about what type of credit card might suit you, check your eligibility for one of our credit cards, and apply for one, all directly in the app.
  • Manage your overdraft directly in the app too – You can now reduce or apply to increase your existing overdraft, or apply for one if you haven’t already got one, all within the app.
Supporting you with your life goals

What we’re working on in 2024

Here are some of the exciting things we’re working on this year to make your digital banking experience even better.

  • Ability to view pending transactions – customers have been asking to see recent debit card transactions that haven’t been fully processed yet. These are known as pending transactions, and you’ll soon be able to view them in both the app and online banking. This can help you track your spending and finances more easily.
  • Having control of your card in the app – we want you to be able to make changes on-the-go, especially if your cards get lost or stolen, or if you need something during unsociable hours. We’re working on giving you the option in the app to freeze and unfreeze your card, block certain types of transactions, and view and manage your PIN.
  • More security measures and fraud prevention tactics – we’re making technical security enhancements, and adding new resources to our fraud and security hub to help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in fraud.
  • Apply for new accounts and products in online banking – you’ll soon be able to apply for new savings accounts and credit cards in online banking. We’re working to help you do everything you want to do, however you prefer to do your banking.
What we’re working on in 2024

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