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What is a notification?

A notification is a message which is sent from an app you've downloaded. The notification appears on either your lock screen or in the notification centre of your mobile device, like your smart phone, smart watch or iPad.

When you download The Co-operative Bank mobile app, you can opt in to receive notifications from us to help you to manage your account and allow us to keep you updated with information that's important to you.

Benefits of notifications

Notifications give you control over your mobile banking. Once you opt in you're always kept up to date.

  • Quick and easy, they're delivered to your lock screen, notification centre or as a pop up message when you're using your device.
  • They're immediate, at certain times you'll want to be notified straight away without having to check an email or visit our website.
  • We do all the work, you won't have to go and look for the information, for example when we launch a new feature in online banking or the mobile app we'll send a notification to let you know what's new.
  • Sometimes notifications may appear outside of bank working hours.

Our promise to you

We want to reassure you about the types of notifications we'll send. We promise we'll never send you marketing information and we'll only send notifications to:

  • quickly share important information about banking with us
  • let you know if there is something new that would benefit you

Notifications we'll send

To begin with, we'll send you notifications about the following types of things. We're also working on making notifications personalised which means they'll be relevant to you and your banking needs:

  • when there is a fraud alert across all banks, we'll tell you how to protect yourself
  • when you need to update to the latest version of the app to continue using it
  • when the mobile app or online banking is going to be unavailable for planned maintenance
  • when the mobile app or online banking is available again (after a period of outage)
  • when there are new features in the mobile app
  • when we've identified a problem or issue that we want to make you aware of

Opt in to notifications

If you have an Android device you're automatically opted in to receive notifications.

For iOS devices, like an iPhone or iPad you'll need to opt in to receive notifications.

To opt-in log into the mobile app and:

  • select 'My settings and details'
  • select 'Notifications'
  • select 'Notification settings'
  • select 'Allow Notifications'

You can also manage your notifications in the settings section of your mobile device.

Opt out of notifications

To opt out of notifications follow the same steps as above for both Android and iOS devices.

Give feedback

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please keep it coming. What you say helps to shape our products and services to build a better banking experience that you are proud to be a part of.

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