Which browser is best

There are lots of browsers to choose from when using the internet for things like shopping, research and online banking. Some of the most common ones include Chrome and Firefox.

Although we can't recommend one browser that works better than others, we can give you some handy tips on how to make the most of using a browser for online banking. Keep reading to learn about the importance of updating your browser, how to do it and which browsers our website supports best.

Outdated browsers
Download a browser
Browsers our website supports

What is an outdated browser?

An outdated browser means it is not the most recent version. Browser providers regularly update their software so it is important your browser is updated to the latest version.

Keep your browser updated to the latest version for:

  • your own safety
  • your computer's safety
  • your protection against fraud and scams
  • your online privacy
  • getting the most out of the sites you visit
  • good website performance
  • accessibility requirements.

How do I update Chrome/Edge/Firefox/Safari etc. browser? 

Choose the link relevant to you to download the latest version of your browser.

Chrome (available for Windows, Apple, Android and Linux)

Download Chrome

Edge (available for Windows, Apple and Android)

Download Edge

Firefox (available for Windows, Apple, Android and Linux)

Download Firefox

Safari (available for Apple)

Download Safari

Which browsers our website supports

Our website has been designed to work on the most popular browsers used by our customers, which include:

  • Chrome 110 and 111
  • Firefox 110 and 111
  • Microsoft Edge 109 and 110
  • Safari 15 and 16
  • Samsung 19 and 20

We also strongly suggest you have up to date anti-virus software installed on your computer to help protect your information while online.

Can't see your browser here?

If your browser isn't on this list, it doesn't necessarily mean it won't work with our website and online banking. The browsers we've added to the list are regularly tested and we know that they give our customers the best online banking experience.

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