Can LV= cover me for home insurance?

LV= can insure you if you have:

  • not made more than two household claims within the last five years
  • no unspent criminal convictions (excluding motoring convictions)

LV= can't insure you if the property:

  • is occupied by tenants, we offer landlord insurance for this
  • has previously been flooded or is currently under a flood warning
  • has suffered from, or is showing any signs of, subsidence, landslip or heave
  • isn't built of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slate, tiles, metal, asphalt
  • isn't in a good state of structural repair
  • is a mobile home
  • isn't self-contained
  • is unfurnished
  • is unoccupied
  • has eight or more bedrooms
  • has six or more bathrooms
  • is a grade I or grade II* listed property, or the equivalent in Scotland and Northern Ireland

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