Social Media House Rules

Our social media channels are designed for two-way communication. Meaning that, as well as sharing content with you, we're also giving you the opportunity to share your views with us, ask questions about our products and services, and join in on open, constructive discussions and the wider social media community.

Guidelines for our social channels

As such, we want to make sure everyone - whether they're customers, users or colleagues - feel comfortable and willing to use our channels. So, when you're browsing any of our pages or posting on them, we encourage you to hear the following guidelines in mind:

  • share views on posts that are your own, rather than those of your employer(s) or affiliates
  • think about what you want to say to us, or others, before you type. This should help keep your posts as brief and direct as possible
  • remember that public comments or posts can be seen and accessed by anyone
  • be aware that you're legally responsible for the content you publish.

By respecting these rules you are helping us create a safe and productive space on our social media channels. To further ensure this, we also ask that you do not:

  • post any personal or confidential information (like your account details or address) publicly. This is a confidentiality breach as everyone can see your details
  • use abusive language, discriminate against users, or express views that you know will offend other customers, users or colleagues
  • post defamatory or slanderous comments, with the intent of embarrassing or damaging an individual or organisation
  • include the full names of any staff in your public posts. This is a breach of personal privacy and could be very dangerous
  • use this page to incite, condone or encourage illegal behaviour. This could be in the form of a criminal offence or civil liability
  • target other followers with commercial offers, products or viruses that could damage their computers and compromise their privacy
  • create or share posts promoting political causes, or anti-competitive material.

Useful Information about how we use social media

We monitor Facebook and Twitter from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm at weekends. We read every post you submit, but we may not be able to moderate or reply to all of them. Posts that don't comply with our House Rules may be hidden from view or removed altogether.

Account-related enquiries cannot be supported via social media. Please log into online banking and send us a secure message.

To understand how The Co-operative Bank uses your personal data please see our privacy notice here.

The Co-operative Bank does not endorse any opinions made on our social media channels, unless specifically posted by our own team. If you would like more information on responsible posting, please refer to the Terms of Service for each respective social media channel:

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