Transactions and Charges

The Co-operative Bank offers many different ways to deposit, transfer and withdraw money. For more information on the services we offer see:

When to Pay In

We always recommend that you have sufficient funds in your account the day before any predefined standing order, direct debit, future dated payment or cheque is due to be paid.

However, from 30th October 2017, you will have until 2:00pm to pay funds in for cheques and until 4:30pm for standing orders, direct debits or future dated payments on the same business day. Please allow sufficient time for the funds to arrive in your account.

Methods for Paying funds into your account:

  1. Cash Deposits at a Branch
  2. Electronic Payments from another account held at another bank
  3. Transfers from other accounts held with us

You can pay funds into your account at the following locations. Please remember to include a completed paying-in-slip where necessary for any payment you make.


Cash paid in at branch is available immediately if you use your card or by the end of the day if you use a slip.

Post Office

For cash deposits simply hand over your cash card (Debit or ATM) and the cash you want to deposit. The funds will then be credited to your account immediately, as long as the cash is paid in before the Post Office's cut off time (times may vary, please ask your local Post Office for their cut of time).

For cheque deposits you will need to have a Co-operative Bank cheque deposit envelope for use at the Post Office. These can be ordered via our Internet Banking service or by calling our customer contact centre on 03457 212 212^. Your Post Office may also have an emergency supply - please check with the cashier.

You must use a personalised Co-operative Bank credit slip from the back of your cheque book or paying in book. The credit slip should be placed in the envelope along with the cheque(s). The envelope should be handed to the Post Office cashier who will date stamp the envelope and provide a dated receipt of the number of envelopes deposited. The envelope will then be sent to us for subsequent processing, checking and validation. Payment into your account will be delayed by up to two Business Days when paying in cheques through the Post Office.

Please note, cheque deposit envelopes should not be used to deposit cash or foreign cheques. You are not able to make any payments to your Co-operative Bank Visa credit card at the Post Office.

Paying in by post (cheques only)

Please send cheques with a paying in slip to avoid any unnecessary processing delays. Please post your cheque(s) to the following address:

Paying into a Co-operative Bank account

Co-operative Bank p.l.c
PO Box 12672
Sandringham House
Sandringham Avenue
CM20 9QR

Paying into a Britannia account

Co-operative Bank p.l.c
Britannia House
Dept C033
Staffordshire Moorlands
ST13 5RG

Other ways to manage your account

There are other ways in which you can manage your account:

Current accounts

Cash machines (ATMs)

You can use any LINK ATM cash machine to withdraw funds from your account by using your Debit card. Most Co-operative Bank and most LINK machines are free of charge. However, some LINK ATMs in shops, nightclubs, amusement arcades etc. do charge an additional fee for the service. You will be advised of this charge before you make your transaction. You must have sufficient funds in your account.

Search for your nearest LINK machine using the LINK Cash Point Finder.


You can go into a Branch and withdraw funds using your Debit card. You may be asked for additional identification if you are withdrawing large amounts.

Cashback Facilities

Some shops/supermarkets now allow you to obtain cash at the same time as paying for your goods. This depends if the shop has the facility to offer cashback and their discretion to do so. If the shop does offer this facility they usually ask you if you want cashback before the payment is authorised; alternatively you can ask the cashier for cashback before paying for the item.



You may withdraw cash from your account at any of our branches. To do so you may be asked for some of your customer security details. For security purposes, if you wish to withdraw a large sum please contact us on 03457 212 212^ to arrange this. The branch may need prior notice of your withdrawal and additional identification may be required.

Payments by cheque

You may make a payment from your account by requesting a cheque via telephone banking or at any of our branches. There is a charge for this service details of which are set out in the account charges leaflet.

Electronic Payments out of your account

There are different timings for payments to different accounts.

If you are transferring money between your own accounts, it's immediate, except for between the following types of accounts:

  • If you are transferring payments from your Co-operative Bank or smile account to your Co-operative Bank or smile credit card or charge card
  • If you are transferring payments from your Co-operative Bank or smile account to another person's Co-operative Bank or smile credit card or charge card.

These payment's won't leave your current account and reach the card account until the business day after you request it (if you request the payment before 17:30pm) or 2 business days after you request it (if you request the payment after 17:30pm).

Please note - charges and interest will be payable if you miss your card payment due date in accordance with your terms and conditions. Interest will be charged on all transactions shown on your statement, calculated from the date each transaction was added to your account until full payment is made and credited to your account. This will happen even if you had paid your previous statement balance in full and on time.

If you transfer funds to a different bank, or to a different payee, these are processed via the Faster Payments service and should normally reach the payee's account immediately.

CHAPS is a method of making same day electronic transfers, for any amount, to clearing banks in the United Kingdom. CHAPS stands for Clearing House Automated Payment System.

  • You can make a CHAPS payment between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.
  • There is a standard charge of £25.00 for each payment.
  • CHAPS under £10,000 can be taken over the telephone for personal accounts.
  • CHAPS over £10,000 will require you to put the request in writing.

Written instructions may be taken to your local branch or sent in to your Customer Service Centre:

The Co-operative Bank
Customer Service

PO Box 200
Delf House

We require you to provide us with the following information before a CHAPS payment can be made:-

  • Sort Code and address of the beneficiary bank
  • Beneficiary account number and account name
  • Any reference number/name to be included with the payment
  • The amount to be sent
  • The date the transfer is to take place