Refer a Friend Switching Offer

£50 for you. £50 for your friend.*

Lots of things in life are better when you share them with friends. That’s why when you recommend your friends and family to The Co-operative Bank, we’ll give you both £50*.

By choosing to be a Co-operative Bank customer, you’re part of an Ethical Bank that helps make a difference. Our customer-led Ethical Policy gives our customers a say in what we do with their money. It helps shape our ethical commitments, how we do business and the causes we support. So if your friends are anything like you, they’ll share our co-operative values.

That’s why we’re offering our current account customers the chance to be rewarded when their friends or family switch to a Co-operative Bank Current Account or Everyday Extra account.

To both be eligible for the offer, the friend being referred must:

  • Not already hold a Co-operative Bank current account of any type.
  • Open a new Co-operative Bank Current Account or Everyday Extra account.
  • Complete a full switch from their main current account to their new Co-operative Bank Current Account using the Current Account Switching Service.

To find out how to benefit from this offer please select whether you are referring someone or if you have been referred for this offer.

*Before applying please view the full Refer a Friend Switching Offer Terms and Conditions here.

Refer a friend Switching Offer

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Next steps if you are referring a friend

If you're an existing current account customer and are interested in referring someone as part of this offer, tell them to search “Co-operative Bank Refer a Friend” or visit their local branch, where they can read the offer Terms and Conditions and check if they qualify. Before sharing this offer with your friends, please ensure you hold a qualifying current account as we won't make payments to either of you if you don't. You can find out more here.

You’ll need to provide your friend with your full name, the sort code and account number of your current account and your email address.

Once your friend has switched to their new Co-operative Bank account and all terms and conditions of the offer are met, we will pay you and your friend £50 within 60 days from the day your friend's switch completes, or from the day your friend submits the referral form, whichever is later.

The maximum you can receive for referring friends is £100. We will only pay for the first 2 eligible recommendations you make, however there is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer.

Next steps if you've been referred

step one


Open a Co-operative Bank standard Current Account or Everyday Extra account**

step two


Choose to complete a full switch using the Current Account Switch Service

step three


Once your switch is complete, please fill in the referral form below

**If these accounts aren't right for you, we also have available a basic bank account, Cashminder. Please be aware that our Cashminder account isn't eligible for the Refer a Friend Switching Offer.

Step 1 - Apply and switch

Apply for a standard Current Account or Everyday Extra account online. If you apply for a standard Current Account, you can apply to switch as part of your application or once your account is open. If you choose to apply for an Everyday Extra account you will need to apply to switch your account after it has been opened by calling us or visiting a branch.

You can also apply for your current account in branch. If you do, it is important that you let your adviser know that you are switching as part of the Refer a Friend Switching Offer and ensure that you have the full name, sort code, account number and email address of the person who referred you, so that we can arrange your offer payment if you qualify.

Go to Current Account Hub

Step 2 - Claim yours and your friend's money

Once your account is open, and you have completed a full switch from your main bank account using the Current Account Switch Service, complete the referral form below and we will then credit you and your friend with £50 each. This will be paid into your account within 60 days of your switch completion date or submitting your referral form, whichever is later.

To continue, confirm that you:

Complete referral form

Important documents

Please read the Important Documents below and save copies of them for future reference.

Refer a Friend Switching Offer Terms and Conditions

Download Refer a Friend Switching Offer Terms and Conditions PDF 89KB

Cashminder, a basic bank account

For people with no credit history or a low credit score who want a basic bank account they can use online and on mobile.

It's easy to apply for and easy to manage online and via the app. Cashminder comes with a PVC-free VISA debit card and gives you the option to make payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Before you go to our Cashminder page please be aware:

  • If you apply for our Cashminder account, you will not be eligible for the offer.
  • You'll need to return to this page to apply for our standard Current Account, if you wish to benefit from this offer.

Cashminder account

To continue, confirm that you:

Learn more about our Cashminder account

The Co-operative Bank reserves the right to decline any application.

Whether we can offer you credit depends on your circumstances and our lending policy. We may decline your application based on your circumstances or our lending policy. We may be able to offer a product that's different to the one advertised.

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