Digital Bees help design digital task for schools and colleges

9 July 2020

1 min read

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The task set by the Digital Bees was to design a mobile banking app. 

You might be thinking that this is quite a tall order, considering our own mobile apps take years to hone and develop, but this task is more about how a different point of view could help develop ideas that were previously missed.

Choosing the task was also highly relevant as today's spenders use less cash, with more people using mobile phones to control their finances.

Get creative and develop a mobile app

Anything goes for this task, literally. The Digital Bees mapped out a Help document that would be sent out to schools and colleges detailing exactly what is needed.

Students were also asked to provide screenshots or drawings of their new app's icon and the app's home screen layout.

They also asked students to think what their top three features could be, and why they chose those in particular for their app.

As well as developing new skills and gaining valuable experience for the participants, the Digital Bees managed to pull together prizes to encourage more students to take part.

The Digital Bees will then judge all the entries, with the winners receiving exclusive 1-2-1 support sessions with The Co-operative Bank.

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