Caring for our customers

21 May 2020

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Every day we are working hard to find ways to support and enrich the lives of others. Whilst always supporting all of our customers, we felt those customers who work for the NHS needed a little extra help and recognition at this time to thank them for all that they do.

What started out with a TV advert to clap for carers back in March, still continues to evolve into a larger co-operative success. An email, sent to our customers, identified as NHS workers, received fantastic feedback as a great demonstration of supporting each other and recognising how, by working together, we could make big changes.

This led to many of our colleagues and supporters fundraising and donating essential items that our customers told us were needed. Additionally, our branch staff engaged in fundraising events at locations across the UK; from sponsored fitness challenges to head shaving!

These donations and fundraising activities have enabled us to create care packages to send to many NHS locations throughout the UK. We have also identified specific items that would help make NHS staff and patients’ lives a little easier, including headsets, iPads, as well as cameras and laminating equipment to hospitals, for staff to display a photo of their masked faces, helping to reassure patients suffering in hospital.

Allison Roberts, Nurse in Charge, Risley, said: “To everyone at the Co-operative Bank, thank you for the box of goodies you sent for me and my team of nurses and doctors. We really appreciate your kind thoughts and hope you all stay safe.”

Hayley Brown, NHS Nurse Latchford Medical Centre, said: “Thank you so much for the very kind package you sent to me and the team here at Latchford Medical Community Care Centre. My colleagues and I really appreciate your kind gesture. As community nurses we are doing our best to help and support patients in new ways which is challenging for all of the team. Thank you for your support”

Our co-operative spirit has been proven to be the right approach to help all of those in need – at a time when they need it most.

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