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Our Digital Bees have put together a range of online resources to help you stay safe online, improve your digital skills, and find out more about careers in digital and tech. 

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Digital Bees podcast

Listen to our collection of podcast episodes where we discuss all sorts of topics, including banking basics, tips on how to avoid online scams, and job search advice. 

Digital Bees YouTube playlist

Are you more of a visual learner? Head over to our YouTube playlist to get advice on digital safety, career guidance, tips about setting up new devices, and more. 

Staying safe online

Top tips for online shopping

In this video, we share five simple tips that can help enhance your online shopping experience. 

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Fraud awareness - purchase scams 

Seen an email, text or social media post advertising an offer that seems too good to be true? It's probably a scam. In this video, we show you how to spot the warning signs. 

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Phishing emails

These emails attempt to 'hook you in' and encourage you to share sensitive information such as your bank account details and passwords. In this podcast episode we discuss how to avoid being tricked. 

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Digital skills support

Smartphone tips & tricks

In this video, we share some useful tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your smart phone.

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Keeping your web browser up to date

Learn about the importance of keeping your web browser up to date, and find out how it can protect you from online threats. 

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Keeping in touch digitally 

Find out how to stay connected to friends and family when you're not able to see them in person.

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Career help

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Getting into a digital career

Get tips from the Digital Bees on how to kickstart your career. 

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The role of a Digital Product Owner

Learn about the role responsibilities of a Digital Product Owner.

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CV & interview tips

Find out how to make your CV stand out from the rest, and how to ace that interview. 

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